Flyway Dispatch 5 – “Pontypool” Producer Jeff Coghlan

So we’ve talked endlessly about Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool over the past year or so and it seems the hype just never stops… which is a good thing as we’re obviously pretty big fans. So it was a nice surprise to find that the producer for the film, Jeff Coghlan, was in town for the Flyway film fest and seemed eager as we are to talk about this project. So if you’re a fan of Pontypool, here’s a little insight into the film and the latest on what’s next for the franchise from someone on the inside.


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Props on THE HORSESHOE mention. If Jeff Mentioned Stompin' Tom instead of The Stones, it's Canadianness would be complete.


Jeffrey Coghlan defrauds naive old ladies out of their life savings with transparent investments schemes.

He is a pathetic waste of human life. If you care about basic human decency, please boycott this film.


Jeff Coghlan has been found liable at the Ontario Superior Court o Justice for running an investment scam and defrauding innocent people of their life savings. Run a search of the Court records in Toronto to verify.

Coghlan is dishonest, disreputable, and a disgusting human being.

Screwed Over In L.A.

If you’d like proof of fraudulent behavior, look no further.

I was just awarded a judgment from the California Labor Commissioner against Jeffrey Coghlan for wages & penalties due to me. Funding for a film I worked on for 3 weeks this past summer was promised but never delivered, and none of the crew was paid.

If anyone knows where JC is, I’d love to find him to collect my judgment of roughly $9,800.

Bill Bingham

Regarding Jeffrey Coghlan; I worked on a film he was making in Los Angeles last November, called “Stalker.”
Rob Burnett of Los Angeles was allegedly the producer. Rob’s company is called Ludovico Technique.

Both Rob and Jeffrey have vanished into thin air, and Ludovico Technique has closed its offices.

I have not been paid for my work either.

If anyone has any clues about where these guys are, please let me know.

Bill B.

Toronto Police Services
Toronto Police Services

We would like anyone who has had business dealings with Mr. Jeffrey Coghlan that require investigation or who may have been affected by Mr. Coghlan to please contact us immediately.
Thank You
Jim Makris
Toronto Police Service
Financial Crimes Unit
Intake Office

Screwed over in New Orleans,LA.
Screwed over in New Orleans,LA.

Jeffrey has defrauded my mother and I out of over 7,000.00 in rent. Apparently he is on the run from Canada and California, Thank god we got tipped off by detectives in Canada. Do not trust this man he is a great con-artist.I personally will boycott this film.

screwed over in new orleans
screwed over in new orleans

Just wanted everyone to know that Jeffrey has a warrant for his arrest. All the police stations know around the united states.He will not be able to cross the border into canada where he is wanted to.JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

Still Waiting For Payday
Still Waiting For Payday

Was he found and charged? He owes me money for a film I worked on last year and has vanished. Any news on his whereabouts?

Det. Phil Chung

I am the investigator in the matter of Jeffrey Coghlan. There have been several allegations of fraud perpetrated by Jeffrey Coghlan in Ontario and the United States. There are 2 warrants issued by the Toronto Police Service for his arrest. Allegations of fraud or other financial crimes involving Jeffrey Coghlan may be forwarded to the information below.

Phil Chung
Detective (4096)
Toronto Police Service
Financial Crimes Unit – Corporate Crimes Section
40 College Street, Toronto
Ontario, M5G 2J3
Tel: 416-808-7342
Fax: 416-808-7302

Matt Gamble

I have to say this is by far my favorite thread at R3.




Great enough to con you too, anyway, Jimsey. Presence of greatness? Yep – a great LOSER. The guy can’t cope with real life, has no job much less career, hates himself so much he lives as other identities, and alienates and betrays anyone who tries to give him a break or legitimately cares about him. Seems great to the small, I guess. (Love your humor, dude!)

Jason Gilbert

Jeff Coghlan is in Los Angeles. He approached me to author a DVD and Blu-Ray for the AFM film fest this week in Santa Monica. Luchily I found this page and confronted him at Enterprise Fish Co. in Venice this evening along with the Santa Monica Police.

His current phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

His current editor has not been paid since April 2012 and is very concerned by learning all of this about his “boss” today. I thought he was going to croak when he found out all of this. I lost a days work and I feel lucky that I did not give up more time and effort for this fool.



Did the police detain him by any chance? What is his current status?

Lets Gettem

Jeff Coghlan

phone is
three one zero seven three nine one zero eight zero

He’s in Silver Lake, CA
He owes several parties, including us, for his latest film iKLLr. To be distributed by Kaleidoscope Films (also looks like a scam company).

If you find him, do something to his knee caps please!