Flyway Dispatch 3 – Gary King and “New York Lately”

Director Gary King has had a really nice relationship with us in the third row over the past year or so. With the release of his latest film, New York Lately, we were instant fans of this warm and humorous film about twenty-somethings finding their way in the bustling waters of New York City. So we’re pretty excited about his almost completed, upcoming project, What’s Up Lovely. Getting a chance to talk with Gary was a treat and we’re looking forward to more of his work in the future… including a zombie movie!?

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Andrew James

After seeing this a second time on the big screen it is now sitting comfortably in my top ten of the year. Kurt, his next project is a bit more avant garde and he said my Wong Kar-Wai vibe I got was spot on, but sprinkled with a little bit of Lynchian film making as well. I think you're going to like What's Up Lovely.


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