Cinecast Episode 140 – Dybbuk Shmybbuk. Pass the Ham.

Episode 140:
Rants and raves in between a couple of spoiler free reviews of new Coens, Michael Moore and more zombies. We also have a nice discussion on screen hopping which sort of devolves into other theater no-no’s. Of course there are some DVD picks and more.

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A Serious Man
Capitalism: A Love Story
Paranormal Activity
Cinema of Unease

Should screen hopping be made legal? (Peter Martin’s Cinematical piece)

Andrew: Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Kurt: Chinatown
Matt: I Spit Chew on Your Grave


Not Quite Hollywood
Trick r Treat
Assassination of a High School President


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two nitpicks at Kurt and then something else:

Kurt's mispronunciation of the week – Bearick Obama

Kurt's "april fools day" reference during Zombieland feels like a massive spoiler. I think I have a very good guess at who it is.

Now, as for the Movie Ticket Day Plan:

I think its a great idea, but aside from kids hopping in during movies, the other thing that kills this thing is that theaters as they are already dont have enough people minding the store that makes hopping so easy, so having day plan tickets while others are just buying for single movies only makes things worse. People will just buy regular tickets and hop all day because the staff will just assume they have day passes.

And for me I'd resist day plan tickets because your planning to synch up on times may not work out as hoped – getting bad seats, misjudging trailers, etc – and also you may tire out and then regret having paid more and only seeing one movie.

Here's my plan, it's sort of like the up front ticket package but with a twist:

Graduated Discounts

You see one movie, you pay your 10 bucks or whatever, and keep your ticket and receipt. You leave the theater and reevalute what you could see next, and if you're in the mood. You return to a ticket kiosk and your next ticket is 5 bucks, maybe 6, whatever. Next ticket is 3 bucks. Finally if you can see a fourth, it's 1.50. Say you want to walk out of that fourth movie, for 1.50 you can try again on something else. The cost ends up being something relative to what a day plan would actually probably cost, it insures the purchaser that they'll get to the movies when they want. it ensures they don't spend the last few seconds of your other movies lamenting that you'll miss the start of the one you've already paid for. it keeps away the confusion of people wandering around unpoliced/mixing in with other planners.



"Kurt’s “april fools day” reference during Zombieland feels like a massive spoiler. I think I have a very good guess at who it is."

Yes Goon, to you and 5 other people. TOPS. 😉

Kurt Halfyard

Again, Theatre hopping is all but sanctioned unofficially in cinemas these days, rarely a second glance (once 'a friend' asked one of the staff to see their huge sheet of auditorium #'s and start times and the guy simply said sure, go ahead…only one step further would be to jotting down an 'action plan' of screen hopping right in front of him.)

I imagine the thought process is simply, if someone hops a few screenings in a day, they are bound to get hungry and will end up eating their main meal of the day in expensive concessions. So the accountants are happy (ignorance is bliss), the cinema is happy, and the patron who is getting 2-3 films for the price of 1 is happy (even if it is a guilty-happy).

That (I believe) is the reason why few big multiplexes bother their dwindling staff with this. But as we said, if the policy was made 'official' then the real logistics become a nightmare…


Can somebody email me this awesome cameo in zombieland please? I want it spoiled.

Jandy Hardesty

I have a monthly pass to the local repertory cinema, and I LOVE that model. Pay $25 a month and go to any or all of their regular screenings (which are normally $10-12 and of which there are roughly 20-24 per month), and $4 discounts on their special screenings ($9 tickets instead of $13). Granted, it's a lot easier on them because there's only one screen, so there's no issue of theatre hopping.

But they do require you to go to the box office, show your membership card, and get a physical ticket for each film. That's true even if you go to the early show and want to stay for the late show, you have to go back out and get a physical ticket for the late show. Seems like multiplexes could institute something like that where you can go to however many films you want on your pass, but you have to have an actual ticket for each one.

I would kill for other theatres to do memberships like this; I've heard of some in Britain doing it. I'd check out so many more films, go on whims, and try stuff I'd never think of if it were all included in one price.


Haha, way behind on my podcast listening, but less than a minute in here and already I'm in complete agreement. Jays suck! Go Twins! Boo Yankees!


Yea baseball on the Rowthree Podcast, who'd a thunk?