Row Three Exclusive – What’s Up Lovely One Sheet

Back in March I reviewed a small but beautiful film directed by Gary King called New York Lately. That movie is still on my top 10 for this year and we are getting closer to King’s next movie, What’s Up Lovely. What’s Up Lovely tells the story of Luci a down on her luck insomniac who has lost her job and the unforgettable night she has wandering through the streets of New York. Andrew posted a teaser back in the spring that had me intrigued and now we have a new one sheet that is really quite stunning.

Whats Up Lovely One Sheet

In the message from King where he passed along the the one sheet for your viewing he mentioned that he hopes to have a few more posters created over the next couple of months and then will hold voting to choose the one which will be used for the festivals and for a DVD cover. You can keep watch on this over at the What’s Up Lovely Website, Facebook and on Twitter.

I’m curious to see what the next few sheets look like as I really enjoy the style of this one and will be likely voting for it.

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Congrats on this guys.. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing this one!


Very Criterion-esque in design.

Andrew James

Yeah. Super excited for this movie. Loved New York Lately and I think this is going to be a step up. If you haven't seen New York Lately, it's all over the place in the festival circuit right now, but I'll be seeing it again (on the big screen this time) in October at the Flyway Film Festival. Hope to see you there!