Antichrist One-Sheet For Fantastic Fest

While we burned ourselves out at TIFF and aren’t able to cover much from Fantastic Fest this year, we were still lucky enough to catch Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist (our review) on opening night back in early September. Fantastic Fest has pulled out all the stops for the film however and had their own poster for the film created specifically for their festival. I must say, artist David D’Andrea has done a bang-up job with this one.

Here’s a film not to be missed if you’re man enough to stomach it. It’s beauty and brutality all rolled into a psychological mind-bash. It’s very unforgiving yet spectacular. I think this poster showcases its darkness rather well…


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Marina Antunes

I want that poster.

Marina Antunes

So I tracked this sucker down over at Mondo. Anyone have a discount code? Completely serious. Need a way to circumvent the $20US shipping cost.


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