Mamo #151: Zemamo no go


We wrap up on the Toronto Film fest, discuss the business end of a screening at the Elgin, and provide the highest quality in depth analysis ever given from a bench in the mall. Plus we parse the cock-up at Disney, and tease our upcoming interview with Zeb Pike, lighting compositor and part of the creative team at Starz that produced Shane Acker’s 9.

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Kurt Halfyard

Deliver Us From Evil did indeed rule. Evokative films picked it up for Canada, expect at the very least, an AMC Yonge&Dundas release of the film in months down the road, and a handsome DVD release.

Is it just me, or was the lawyer/dad in the movie a european analogue of Greg Kinnear? Either way, the actor who played Lars was simply awesome, and so was his girlfriend.

Kurt Halfyard

TIFF TOP 5 (and I'm not too far off you guys):

1. Enter The Void

2. Up In The Air

3. Symbol

4. Mr. Nobody

5. Deliver Us From Evil

(Dark Horses: Get Low, The White Ribbon, Agora, Last Ride, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Bad Lieutenant 2, My Dog Tulip, The Hole, Dr. Parnassus, Antichrist)

Films that wasn't in the fest but should have been: Splice, Mammoth, The Bullet Man.


What can I say, I like highly unconventional genre cinema, that may be our sticking point. But Enter The Void, Up In The Air, etc. is simply great moviemaking.


Considering the buzz coming from Collapse I would be very surprised if it doesn't get a theatrical run, I mean Chris Smith has some name recognition and the film is along the lines of An Inconvenient Truth as something that does stand above your regular eco-doc fare… its more than just me, the buzz is pretty widespread, New York Times, Variety, Entertainment Weekly. If nothing else the film gets people talking.

Pissed I didn't see Enter the Void.


Also as Jay said on the Film Junk podcast, Collapse is not just an eco-message doc, it is in part a character study and Michael Ruppert, if nothing else, is captivating to watch.