District B13 Ultimatum Gets Updated Trailer & Release


You may recall my excitement at our first look at District B13 Ultimatum. The sequel to the parkour actioner looked badass (and the French trailer suggested it would be a whole lot of fun) but nearly a year later, we’ve yet to see any updates on the film.

Turns out District B13 Ultimatum did open in a few European markets and the film is prepping for a DVD release in the UK in late October. The UK website has more details on the release along with a fabulous new trailer but how about the rest of us?

I notice Magnet has US theatrical distribution for the film but looking over their website, no details on either a theatrical or DVD release. I expect it may be another year before it comes our way. Until then, check out the new trailer, the old trailer and talk to that British friend of yours to see if they can hook you up with a copy.

Hat tip to 24FPS for the heads up.

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Hey – thanks for the tip. Requires a region free player but I guess if you really want to see it and have no friends in the UK you can still have it delivered next month. http://j.mp/S3cTQ


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