Paranormal Activity Looks Awwwesome

ParanormalActivityMovieStilThere’s been a lot of talk lately about Paranormal Activity. The small indie horror has been screaming it’s way across the web and though it keeps popping up, I’d managed to avoid the trailers until a new trailer started making the rounds with the common response of “looks awesome.” I had my misgivings. A movie about a haunted house? Really? Are we back to that? Then thinking about it I came to realize that it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good one and frankly, horror films of late have been more about the gross than about the scare so heck, why not. I checked out the trailer.

Somewhat reminiscent of everything from The Blair Witch Project to White Noise, this low budget film sets up a semi-realistic premise in which a couple thinks their home is being haunted so they set up a camera to capture video of what happens while they’re asleep. What’s most impressive about this low-fi trailer is that it manages to be effective in building tension and if the praise is accurate, horror fans are in for a treat.

Paranormal Activity is scheduled to play Fantastic Fest and I’m not sure if the September 25th release date I’ve seen kicking around is accurate but it certainly looks like a movie to keep on the radar.

I prefer the original trailer over the newly cut and distributed one which features most of the footage from the original trailer intercut with crowd reaction from a screening.

Both trailers are tucked under the seat for your viewing pleasure.

Original Trailer

New Trailer

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Bob Turnbull

I see they took the idea of crowd reaction shots (on the second trailer) from the original [rec] trailer, but incorporated film clips too. Not bad. I'm a sucker for these kind of films, so they've got me interested…