“You’re Going To Jail!” So says DEFENDOR


From Natural Born Killer to duct-tape and bubblegum superhero in 15 years. The career of Woody Harrelson is indeed a strange one. And here we have a very amusing super-hero dementia film (see also Special), a film which is getting its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, titled after its hero, Defendor.

Trailer is tucked under the seat.


  1. you just know this is going to end up as a great last second halloween costume for somebody somewhere. guaranteed.

    apparently this has had screenings already with people saying it has a surprising amount of depth.

  2. Marina Antunes

    Generally, I'd be skipping this but I really like Harrelson and Goon's comment has me intrigued.

  3. The only other things I know about it is that its a Canadian film by a guy who has mostly done TV like Flashpoint, and that Ellen Page was originally going to be in Kat Dennings' role but there were scheduling conflicts.

  4. Marina Antunes

    Looks like Stebbings has done a whole lot of acting – in stuff I actually watch!

  5. Special and MirageMan. I've had my fill on these recently. Looks fun, but I'll see this on another day.

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