Mamo #147: I think it was Octopussy


Before you do anything, feel free to pop over to to listen to Matt and Matt’s annual preview podcast for the Toronto International Film Festival!

In podcast #147, the Matts look at the Basterds, and be basterds a bit themselves. Plus, fanboy backlash: why every single person who gripes about the  Avatar preview is embarrassing themselves.

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I don't know what you are talking about Matt Brown, but you are leading the box office guessing contest! Here is my estimation of the current situation:

Name Final Score

Matt Brown 97

GEHale 93

Nicole 92

Mike Rot 86

Ashley 86

Matthew Fabb 75

Mad Percolator 71

Ky 66

Ralph 63

Sameer Vasta 61

Matt Price 60

Kevin D 54

Rusty James 45

I whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate these scores which you can download here:

Of course the spreadsheet could be full of errors so use at your own risk, but if you just plug the dollars earned into the appropriate field for each movie, it should automatically calculate the current rankings and provide the winner whenever you close the contest.

However, Matt's lead is quite tenuous – Harry Potter is just half-a-million away from being more than $5 million over Matt's guess of $290…


I refuse to believe Nicole, someone I know on good authority to be far from a strategist and probably picked hers randomly, is beating me.


also interesting question about who was your first onscreen character that triggered sexual desire and which has in some way informed your fantasies ever since.

I gotta go with Elizabeth from WWF. However in a film, probably Sgt. Callahan from Police Academy, the wet t-shirt scene in particular.

Andrew James

Daisy Duke, Wilma (Buck Rogers), Laura Holt (Remington Steele), Hope Brady (Days of our Lives)


Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark was probably my first love. Maybe that's why I find myself more attracted to the whiskey-drinking, independent thinking, athletic brunettes than anything else..


way to cheapen mine, Jonathan 🙂