1. Sorry to disappoint Kurt but I really am kind of dismissive of brit cinema in general. They have some of the blandest films around and I really don't think they're humor is funny.

    I like the Office, I like Holy Grail but not the other MP's, I think Edgar Wright is okay. I dont even like Catch 22. It's a whole island of unfunny people.

    There were just too many films that took precedence over In The Loop… like GI JOE.

  2. I did catch In The Loop, and gotta say Kurt your hyperbole about it being on par with Dr. Strangelove, uh… no.

    It was very funny but I didn't like how it paced its jokes, or the kind of jokes, there was A LOT of repetition in the film of just coming up with different things to call somebody (and fans of Lost have already been enjoying this novelty for awhile now in the character of Sawyer). I was just expecting a bit more, but on the whole, expectations aside, I did enjoy it.

    • I believe those were my sentiments as well on the cinecast. Liked it. Would watch again one day, but not funny enough to watch a million times. Not even close to being in the same league as Lebowski or Strangelove. But I did find a lot of the humor funny.

      60% of jokes = "harrumph"
      30% of jokes = "chuckle"
      10% of jokes = "lol"

      But again, another one of those movies with just a bunch of assholes.

  3. I do not recall saying that IN THE LOOP was on par with Dr. Strangelove. That was the marketing folks in the trailers and such. Certainly the film is playing in the same sandbox, and damn after several viewings it keeps getting better and better. It is compulsively watchable and sharp as hell.

    Andrew -> You are simply Wrong. Fuckity Bye!

  4. @"What does it mean that the british GI JOE is in the loop?"

    At the risk of wrecking a joke by explaining it for Henrik, the fact that In The Loop has no action, no special effects, and no big stars or elaborate costumes, yet also involves rah-rah America going heedless (and probably unnecessarily) off to war makes the two films superficially similar, even though In The Loop is all lower-bureaucrats and talking. G.I. Joe and In The Loop have almost Zero cross-over audience, which makes that particular ad quite funny, IMO.

  5. On the Cinecast I specifically remember you bringing up Dr Strangelove, and Andrew, doing the right and just thing, tried to say you were crazy, and you had your chance to take it back, but nope, you layered the hyperbole even deeper saying Absolutely it was like Strangelove. Now, maybe you were just saying on the levels of laughs, but it didn't seem like that was what you were saying.

  6. Well I'll leave it up to you (or Goon) to go thru the cinecast. But it was Andrew who kept dropping the StrangeLove bomb on IN THE LOOP because of how they edited the trailer.

    In the loop is much smaller scale and much more 'in the boardroom' than Strange Love which has huge visual set-pieces.

  7. I knew visually it would be nothing like Strangelove but from what you were implying I held open the possibility the script was as tight as Strangelove, and its not even close. This is much more BBC The Office, which I love.

  8. @Rusty,

    My own personal tastes say that pound for dollar, the Brits are waaaaaaaay better at comedy than the Americans.

    And most of the successful (not necessarily 'good') American comedians are actually Canadian imports.

  9. @ And most of the successful (not necessarily ‘good’) American comedians are actually Canadian imports.

    If I wanted to have a discussion about film predicated on what's successful I'd go over to TMB (I love how this has become our go to insult. Like comparing someone to Hitler)

    which of these are canadian imports?

    Seth McFarlane – Family Guy

    Parker / Stone – South Park

    Coens – Lebowski

    Larry David – Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Matt Groening – Simpsons, Futurama

    McBride, Jody Hill – Observe & Report, East Bound & Down

    Will Ferrel / Adam McKay – Anchorman / Taledega / Step Brothers

    Tina Fey – 30 Rock

    Doc Hammer – Venture Brothers

    I'm afraid I haven't seen trailer park boys so I don't know about that one.

  10. Jim Carrey

    Mike Myers

    John Candy

    Will Arnett

    Eugene Levy

    Catherine O'Hara

    Rick Moranis

    Leslie Neilson

    Seth Rogan

    and of course

    William Fuckin' Shatner.

  11. Leslie Nielson?! How'd I ever forget him? Eugene Levy and

    Catherine O’Hara might be canadian but Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer are USA.

    I have to say, my list buries yours with a shovel. I do like Seth Rogens work in both Pineapple Express and Superbad.

  12. Your list is definitely 'newer' time will tell if all of these will be 'better.'

    Still for a population of more than 10x Canada's that is a lot of 'foreign' comedy talent in the American workforce. That was my point, belaboured as it may be.

  13. >>Sorry to disappoint Kurt but I really am kind of dismissive of brit cinema in general. They >>have some of the blandest films around and I really don’t think they’re humor is funny.

    I'm not with you on this.

    From some of the older things: Monty Python (holy grail, life of brian etc), Carry On etc, through much more modern, 4 Weddings and a funeral, Shaun of the Dead, Run fat boy Run

    British cinema is full of quality comedy

  14. Dear lord is In the Loop incredible. There's nothing bad I could say about it at all, completely lived up to the hype within and outside R3. Will definitely be in my top 10, if not the top 3.

  15. going to have to be busy with some torrents to catch on those, unless theres some website i can plow through them on like I did with the IT Crowd and Mighty Boosh.


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