Marquee Malarkey: Inglourious Basterds

A little tasteless but oh so funny. A This marquee was apparently up for a very short while at the Guild 45 in Seattle. And because the art of the marquee has been dying off for some time now, whenever something else comes along, we will be sure to share under the ‘Marquee Malarkey’ heading. Enjoy.

Inglourious Basterds Marquee in Seattle

Image care of Slog via the folks at Big Screen Little Screen.

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Matt Gamble

Go Landmark.

Th Uptown here in Minneapolis has been having fun with their marquee for sometime now. When they showed Man on Wire I told then about Joel Coen and they put the tagline "Its fucking amazing!" on the marquee.


Sadly, nearly all of our Marquees are gone. The scene in the movie with Shosanna changing the letters was quite sweet to watch, if only because everything now is pretty much digital

Kurt Halfyard

Cool. The Bloor was showing Labyrinth last week as well. Should really take the kiddies to check that one out on 35mm, it was a modest hit with them on DVD.