Bookmarks for August 10th through August 11th


What we’ve been reading – August 10th through August 11th:

  • New York Film Festival 2009 Lineup
    Alain Resnais’ new film, “Wild Grass” (Les Herbes folles), recently acquired by Sony Pictures Classics, will open the 2009 New York Film Festival on September 25, 2009. Lineup also includes Almodovar, von Trier, Breillat, Solondz, Denis & More
  • Glenn Kenny on The Young and Dumb versus Old and In The Way
    Spanning They Might Be Giants to The Hurt Locker, In The Loop, Rolling Thunder and Peter Blegvad, Kenny sure covers a lot in a musing yet brief piece over at Some Came Running
  • Sean O’Hagan on Quentin Tarantino
    A very impartial and interesting interview / profile on Q. Tarantino. Suck it though, Sean, Deathproof is awesome.