Under Great White Northern Lights

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My big vacation this year that I’m really looking forward to is a headfirst dive into the whirlwind of cinema knows as The Toronto International Film Festival. Several titles have already been announced and I’ve already started the “weeding out” process. Out of hundreds (thousands?) of films being shown, I’ll only be seeing thirty, so choosing carefully will be obviously important and difficult.

Right off the bat I usually discount documentaries as a style of film making that isn’t really my cup of tea (in general – Anvil! fucking rocked!). But one film I keep teetering back and forth on whether I want to see or not is called Under Great White Northern Lights, which documents “The White Stripes” tour across Canada. Unfortunately this trailer doesn’t help my decision at all. I like the look of the all black and white seascape, but it doesn’t give me much to go on in terms of “plot” – for lack of a better word.

Thanks to The Documentary Blog for the heads up on the trailer, but dammit, I need more information before I decide to spend 2 of my precious 60 hours of viewing time on Jack White.


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Timothy Todd

i know how you feel.. i too live in seattle, but i cant afford the drive… but has jack white ever let you down?!