Mamo #144: Harry, Bruno, Ryan and Duke


Did Harry Potter leave money on the table by not highlighting the smoochies? Did Bruno give himself a reacharound and forget to tend to the rest of us? Did Ryan Reynolds land Green Lantern because he was good, or because he was just good enough? And what – I say, what – is with G.I.Joe? Mamo knows.

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I loved G.I. Joe as a kid and had no idea about the Military-Industrial Complex. In fact, more so than any franchise, that was the be all for me. But I do not see the crossover affection from that childhood love and this new film that from what I can tell has only the name in common.

In fact, I do not see much crossover at all of the things I loved as a kid to the person I am now. I loved the film Hook as a kid, and it worked for me then, I watch it now and cringe. I think there is a logic to the notion that as you get older your tastes evolve, they are exposed to new things (like the Military-Industrial Complex) and the same ease of pleasure is no longer triggered.

Its not necessarily a sophistication, but being at a different place and time. There were films I watched as a kid I didn't like but now love, because I grew into them.

I'm wary of this nostalgia mining going on in the movie franchises lately… this symbiotic relationship between fan boys and movie execs, trying to keep everything the same, static, frozen in time.

Matthew Fabb

Well someone in the marketing department of Warner Brothers seems to be thinking the same lines as Matthew Price, in targeting the teenager dating crowd with this new Harry Potter ad:

That motion seat sounds interesting, but if I see Harry Potter again, I would like to see it on IMAX.

If anyone is interested here's an article and review of the "D-Box" motion seats that Matthew Price was talking about:
From the two articles it sounds interesting (enough for me to want to check it out at least once) and sounds like it's quite different from the motion seats found in amusement rides. Unfortunately, the Cineplex website doesn't offer any information on which theatres or showings include the D-Box seats.

With the San Diego Comic Con, I'm surprised they don't stream more the panels online and how long will it take to reach that point? The Watchmen panel was apparently online via the blu-ray disk, where you could even ask the panel questions. I'm really curious how that worked out.

Ryan Reynolds would have certainly made a perfect Flash, and it's too bad David Goyer didn't get to make his Flash movie with Ryan Reynolds. Yet similar to Nick Cage at time, until he finally did Ghost Rider, Ryan Reynolds keeps getting attached to different superhero movies.

Interesting about GI Joe that I've read recently is that similar to Transformers the backstory for the 1980's toys and later the animated series was written by Marvel comics. The Marvel comics writer Larry Hama apparently had been working and pitching a Nick Fury spin-off called Fury Force about a team of SHIELD commands put together specifically to fight the terrorist organization HYDRA. The project never made it to print and when he began to write for GI Joe comic and the filecards on the back of the toys he used ideas from Fury Force. I never saw the similarities between SHIELD and GI Joe and HYDRA and Cobra but now that it's pointed out to me I'm amazed at how closely related they are. Also interesting in that had Hasbro not approached Marvel to help write the backstory most of the early GI Joe characters could have ended up as Marvel comic characters.