Cinecast Episode 130 – SUV vs. Moped

Episode 130:
For only the second time in Cinecast history Kurt is not available so Matt Gamble (from Where The Long Tail Ends) and I sit down for a roof-top chat about war, guns and explosions. Thanks for bearing with us!

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The Hurt Locker
Warlords of the 21st Century (aka Battle Tank)
Top 5 War Movies

DVD picks:
Mad Men (season 2)


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I appreciate putting the direct link above. I use it.

My DVD pick:

The State – The complete series (5 discs) – I love this crew and even though i've only seen some of this show, I am very glad to have a sketch series to plow through full of underground comedians I adore to death.

Matt Gamble

I totally forgot about The State being released this week. That should have been mentioned as well.

Mike Rot

Top 5 War Films (although I want to stretch the limits of 'film')

1. The Thin Red Line

2. Band of Brothers

3. Dr Strangelove

4. Saving Private Ryan

5. Cold Mountain (I know I am a minority on this one)


I had only previously seen State clips on youtube. Oh man this show is so fucking good, reminds very much of Kids in the Hall. The Crispy Pops 'duh duh duh' commercial in episode 2 had me laughing my ass off.


Here are my picks for the top 5 war movies, all are great but Come and See is profound war movie that is beautiful and brutal in equal measure. Haven't seen Stalag 17 but was nice to hear the rave recommendation and will have to get on that one.

5)The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp

4)Rome, Open City


2)Life Is a Miracle

1)Come and See


I'm embarassed to say that I've still not seen THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP. I really want to correct that oversight soon.

But I've never been a fan of Rome, City. To each their own, as it's been an age since I saw that one, but it left me quite flat.


Rome was the departure point for me in the way I felt about old war films, the brutality of it was shocking to me for that era; the depictions I knew were Dam Busters or Ice Cold Alex. It was a toe in the water of Neo-realism, I didn't even really understand at the time.

Its influence on modern cinema is undeniable but I know it can feel a little stagnated but that’s the price a movie pays when its style is copied a million times. What is really interesting is this movie feels as modern on a human level as it did then; the modern day comparisons are to say the least disturbing. Like you said each to his own, a movie for me that is embedded in the personal journey so to speak.

I have been working my way through the Powell and Pressburger box set for the second time and watched Blimp a couple of weeks ago and that movie is gorgeous. Rather than I rattle on about a movie you know you need to see, let me just wet your appetite via Sir David Mamet:

"My idea of perfection is Roger Livesey (my favorite actor) in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (my favorite film) about to fight Anton Walbrook (my other favorite actor)".

Clive Candy: War starts at midnight!


time for another random rip on another podcast:

Slash Film

I can listen to it every couple weeks, maybe, but I always by the end get sick of how much they are trying to have 'radio voices' and be affable, because they're not very good at it. They complicate this problem by always bringing on the Totally Rad Show guys, who are even worse about this and totally "bro" type of people. Basically, Slash is doing everything it can to be a 'big' podcast, to try and be as broad and bland as possible, and its sad because I can see the elements of a smart podcast underneath all of its desperate aspirations.


I like the mainstays of the slash podcast, I think they have good chemistry, I DON'T think their tastes in film are anything I can relate to though.

The Totally rad Show guy always says something ridiculous, and its funny to see the others squirm around it, I mean sometimes he is insightful (the episode where they look at scores was awesome) but sometimes he says something so preposterously hyperbolic that not even his friends can back him up.