Mamo 143: Public Enemas


The boys are back, beaten, bloodied, bruised but unbounded. Another kick at the can, anyone? This time out we’re trying to assess Michael Mann’s place in history, H-Pot’s place in time and take the snapshot that sci-fi fans were hoping for. All this, plus we still love TF2 like Mr. T loves hair clippers. Mamo, anyone?


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Matt Gamble

Might I suggest that ALL of the podcasts here at Row Three add download links? Waiting for the RSS feed to update so I can download them is beyond annoying.

Andrew James

The iTunes feed updates almost instantaneously Matt.
It doesn't always show up in the iTunes "store" right away, but once you're subscribed if you hit "update podcasts" in your feed, it will be there within ten seconds of posting.

Still, I concur. I will put the download link in the show notes above right now.