Brothers Trailer. …the Hell?

Some are claiming RoboGeisha to be this week’s wtf trailer. I beg to differ. Brothers has got to be one of the most incorrect trailers ever made OR… maybe it’s the perfect marketing for an extremely subversive, schizophrenic and gracefully disjointed narrative. What starts as yet another Iraqi war casualty film about family and drama (and corny music) takes a sharp twist about halfway through and then at about the 3/4 mark, takes quite another sharp twist. This is Jarhead meets Revolutionary Road meets Lakeview Terrace.

I recently wrote a poorly worded op/ed about how trailers are misleading and give away too much and that since the dawn of the internet I basically can’t stand them anymore. But here comes a case where a long trailer is probably necessary. The film appears to make such great leaps in tone that to get me even remotely interested, the marketing department is going to have show me those leaps and inconsistencies. If the entire movie was like the first part of the trailer suggests, I’d rather eat a bowl of dung than watch the film. If the entire movie is like the second half of the trailer exemplifies, I’d probably fall asleep from the cliche fairies throwing dust in my eyes.

So as ridiculously A.D.D. as this trailer is, shitty music and all, I am super intrigued and ready for the movie to open. Now. After all, this is Jim Sheridan directing, so there’s a certain level of trust I have for the man. Plus Natalie Portman; who, outside of the Star Wars prequels never delivers a bad performance.


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OMG I've been waiting for this movie FOREVER! Thanks for digging up a trailer, finally. I highly recommend you see the original Danish film this has been adapted from, it's great and it'll put this craziness into better context.

The Danish film is called Brødre and stars Connie Nielsen.


This looks even worse than the original.

Andrew, this trailer has spoiled everything there is to spoil.


I love Jim Sheridan. Poorly constructed trailer, I hope.

alex van de sande

If you want to see the movie do not see that trailer. I wouldn't even call it a trailer as its in fact a two minute version of the movie. It shows exactly what happens in the whole movie in what exact sequence. In fact the last scene in the trailer is the second to last scene in the movie, and the last climatic scene.