Push the Button; The Box Gets Trailered

The Box Movie Still

Two movies in and Richard Kelly is notorious. From where I’m standing, that’s not a bad thing but I get the feeling that the general public isn’t so forgiving. Though there’s loads of love for the mind fuck of Donnie Darko, Southland Tales was generally perceived as a disaster and though I can’t fully grasp everything in it, I can’t help but enjoy the disaster as it unfolds. And now, just three years after blowing my mind a second time, Kelly is back with what looks to be a fantastic little film.

Based on a Richard Matheson short story (one of the few I haven’t read) titled “Button, Button,” The Box stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden (talk about an odd pairing) as the Lewis’, a couple who on the surface appear to be leading a happy, healthy life in upper class suburbia until they start to run into financial trouble. Then, just as things are looking really dire, they get a package and a visit from a mysterious (and creepy) man played by Frank Langella with a proposition: press the button and someone in the world dies – in return you get a million dollars. Queue the creepy music.

I dislike, a great deal though hate might be too strong a word, Cameron Diaz and I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’m actually going to have to watch a film with her in it (I keep reverting to In Her Shoes; the only film I’ve liked her in) but I can’t say no to mind bending Kelly. This comes across as a much more straightforward horror film (though it still asks some of the big questions that Kelly seems to be haunted by) and I am beyond excited to see how it turns out. The trailer suggest sleek visuals and solid performances and I kept thinking of The Shinning which I think has more to do with the overall look and mood of the trailer than anything else. Regardless, I’m more than a little excited. That’s not to say I forgive the lame ass one sheet.

And can someone please help me out here? I recognize the trailer music at the end from something else but can’t put my finger on it…if you know it, drop it in the comments.

The Box will be making a well timed premiere on October 30th. Finally, something other than Saw for Halloween!

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Michael W. May

You didn't like Being John Malkovich? I didn't even realize Lotte was Cameron Diaz until halfway through the film (makeup and costume can only account for part of pulling that off). Like you, I don't care for her in most roles, but loved her there.

What both roles show is she has ability when she chooses a decent film. This has the ingredients for a decent film. The Twilight Zone Ep based on it was done well; the adaptation to long form will be the key.


The trailer music at the end is from Saw.


Ross Miller

Hmmm, The Box looks interesting, certainly nice to see Richard Kelly get back to coherence – although I'm one of the few who really liked Southland Tales (it's a mess, but it's weird and wacky and I like that…). Something tells me the actual movie isn't going to be as much of a thriller as that trailer paints it to be, and I HATE when trailers use that Saw music. But overall I'll see anything Kelly does because did Donnie Darko.

Oh, and Frank Langella is creepy as hell – wtf happened to is face!? 😛