Down The Rabbit Hole Into Burton’s Alice

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Art Image

There’s only one thing that can even match Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton’s vision of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. I gushed, at great length, my excitement when the film was first announced and outside of a few behind the scenes images, we haven’t seen much of the production. Until now.

USA Today has been given some gorgeous (and a little terrifying) character images and design sketches for the upcoming film and they’re exactly what I had expected: twisted. They’re bright and colourful and beautiful but the doodling on the edges suggests something dark and not quite right and that’s exactly what this story needs – an overall air of creepiness.

The film doesn’t open until March 2010 but it’s nice to get a glimpse at what Burton has in store and if these images are any indications, this is going to be a marvel. Check out the character images here (I’m particularly loving the look of Anne Hathaway as The White Queen) while some art design images of the various locales and characters can be found here. And for the record, the White Rabbit looks creepy as heck.

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It will be interesting to see how Burton handles it. One good sign is that Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter. He usually seems to do well with these roles.