After the Credits Episode 62 – You Don’t Know About the Lucky Crack Pipe?

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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina talk about a few movies we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

Row Three:

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper
:04 – Opening Music: Lisa Nokav’s “Fade Away”
:27 – Introduction
5:11Star Trek
13:37Angels & Demons
20:05Terminator Salvation
23:42Drag Me to Hell
30:10Easy Virtue
31:47 – Closing remarks
38:14 – Closing Music: Lisa Nokav’s “Salvaged”

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Star Trek Trailer


– Proof of Zachary Quinto’s hotness:

Tyson Trailer

Angels & Demons Trailer

Adoration Trailer

Marina’s Review

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Andrew’s Review
Val’s Thoughts

Drag Me to Hell Trailer


Easy Virtue Trailer

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Trailer

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I second Colleen enthusiasm for The Ruling Class, I caught it on my ongoing effort to see all of the Criterion films and was dumbfounded by this… seriously there is nothing like it. Peter O'Toole thinking he is God, song and dance numbers, its nuts.


I think the adjective 'batshit' was born from someone trying to explain what they just saw in The Ruling Class.


"If…" would work nicely


I second "If". Once you've seen it, you will know why Malcolm McDowell had to be in Clockwork Orange. Awesome.

Kurt Halfyard

mmmmm, "If…" is a favourite, you should complete the trilogy with O Lucky Man and Britannia Hospital if you go down the first chapter of Lindsay Anderson's 'life' trilogy. It was a great day when it came out on CRITERION and many could surrender their ratty VHS copies.

I'm currently sitting on the DVD of a Swedish film often compared to If… , 2003's "EVIL" whose director went on to make 1408. But we can forgive him for the latter.

Mike Rot

The film quality is better than this trailer would suggest but it does get at the spirit of The Ruling Class without spoiling anything:

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