The Stewardesses – Unseen Movie Marathon


This is the second of at least 224 planned posts in which I shall slowly work through my DVD collection. The reason for doing this is first and foremost to admit that I have a problem. I buy way too many DVDs that I want to watch but never watch. On the morning of May 24th, 2009 I owned 224 DVDs which I have never seen. I have never seen them theatrically, on television, on VHS, on Beta or even by means of the DVD which I own and possess on the shelf. My plan is to watch at least one of these each week. If I’m lucky I will see more than one but to keep this reasonable considering my time restraints one a week is pretty good. I will write up my thoughts on each movie.

This weeks (or half week) review is of the 3d version of Up which I watched earlier in the evening in 3d also.

The Stewardesses

The Stewardesses 3dI put up a post about talking to people about movies that deal with sex and how it is hard to talk about them because you never know if you will offend people and how there is a double standard when it comes to violence. There is a lot of cinema which has graphic sex in that is truly great cinema. Unfortunately,


  1. Huh. I saw a few years ago in Toronto when it screened at The Bloor and I remember having a pretty good time. Maybe it was the 'theater' experience… or all the naked yoga… or maybe just the 3-D boobies.


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