The Stewardesses – Unseen Movie Marathon


This is the second of at least 224 planned posts in which I shall slowly work through my DVD collection. The reason for doing this is first and foremost to admit that I have a problem. I buy way too many DVDs that I want to watch but never watch. On the morning of May 24th, 2009 I owned 224 DVDs which I have never seen. I have never seen them theatrically, on television, on VHS, on Beta or even by means of the DVD which I own and possess on the shelf. My plan is to watch at least one of these each week. If I’m lucky I will see more than one but to keep this reasonable considering my time restraints one a week is pretty good. I will write up my thoughts on each movie.

This weeks (or half week) review is of the 3d version of The Stewardesses, I watched it in honour of the new Pixar movie Up which I watched earlier in the evening in 3d also.

The Stewardesses

The Stewardesses 3dI put up a post about talking to people about movies that deal with sex and how it is hard to talk about them because you never know if you will offend people and how there is a double standard when it comes to violence. There is a lot of cinema which has graphic sex in that is truly great cinema. Unfortunately, The Stewardesses is not one such film. I ended up purchasing it back when I was in Toronto because I was interested to check out the first 3d x-rated film. I had checked on Wikipedia and it was actually the highest grossing 3d film at the time. I’m sure this is no longer the case even when inflation is taken into account. I figured I was in for a light sex farce or romp that would make me laugh a few times while it tried to titillate me with fairly mild sex compared to today’s x-rated movies. I figured I’d end up with something like American Pie or of similar vein. Instead of this I ended up with a very dry movie about a group of stewardesses who go on some dates and end up having sex. The sex is fairly tame when compared to what is in adult films today so I was right on that account although there is some full frontal nudity but it never actually occurs during the sex scenes. In between the sex though I sat bored as the rest of the movie had terrible dialogue, no humour and no real sense of pacing or any feeling that it was going anywhere. I even thought that they had forgotten to finish off one of the storylines and was about to write off the movie as a complete waste of time when they went back to the stewardess that seemed to be the main character. This is when the movie took a dark nasty turn that just didn’t feel like it fit either. The only reason I’m giving The Stewardesses one star is not because I liked the ending, in truth I thought it was extremely painful and hard to watch. It was hard to watch not because of how dark it is nor because of how it is able to change things up and at least make the ending interesting but simply because it must have taken some guts to go the route that it did.

Overall, I wish that I had picked a better movie to talk about when it comes to the whole sex in film as there really is no reason why I would ever want to bring this film up during a discussion unless it was about bad movies that I have seen that are so bad they are just boring. As a final note I should mention that I watched half the movie in black and white 3d and the other half in color. If you are watching an old style, with the blue and red glasses I would recommend watching the black and white version. The effect is much better and you don’t get any glowing spots from certain colors. 3d has really come a long way from where it was and it is unfortunate that we still can not use the polarized RealD glasses that are available in theatres when at home.

If you own this one and haven’t watched it I suggest just passing it on to someone else unless you are just being a completionist and have to see it for some reason.

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Huh. I saw a few years ago in Toronto when it screened at The Bloor and I remember having a pretty good time. Maybe it was the 'theater' experience… or all the naked yoga… or maybe just the 3-D boobies.

Andrew James

Mmmm! 3D boobies.



3D bobbies – LOL Hubby would *love* more of those.