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I think my predictions are still pretty solid, Up goes big now that Night at the Museum is not blowing away the box office, and I refuse to believe Land of the Lost will be bigger than Up, and I know the argument is just because something looks awful doesn't mean it won't make money, still there has to be a threshold.

you both seem down on this summer but to me this is the best I have seen in a long while. Maybe it is just suited to my tastes…

Loved Star Trek, Loved Limits of Control, expect to love Public Enemies, Up, Away We Go, Moon, I can't remember a summer with such high quality moderate fare, usually its about the blockbusters and counter-programming, but a Dave Egger's scripted Sam Mendes film in the summer? A Jim Jarmusch film that is like his Mulholland Dr in scope and ambition in the summer?

Hell I have all but given up on Woody Allen and vowed never to see another film of his and even his latest has me interested, granted it has everything to do with Larry David, but still.


to further prove my point that this is the summer of quality (or potential thereof):

Star Trek

Limits of Control


Public Enemies

Away We Go

Whatever Works

Hurt Locker

500 Days of Summer


District 9

Taking Woodstock

hell even, Inglorious Basterds

If you cut out blockbusters, I defy you to find another summer with that much substance in waiting.


I'm really, Really, REALLLY looking forward to HURT LOCKER, everyone seems to love this film.


@Matt OK but I thought when you said this summer looks lousy that it was a comment about quality of films, outside of your Mamo-filter of popular culture as a judgment of the actual worth of the films, but I see now you are living and breathing popular culture processors. 🙂

Kurt Halfyard

@Matt (on Hurt Locker) – Dang, I was itching for some good old-time Bigelow like Near Dark, or even, heck, Point Break. Bland is not the word I wanted to hear!!