Run Pee

Ordered the gigantic size Diet Coke and now have to miss Nicholas Cage potentially entering the wrong code to diffuse the bomb? Have no fear, RunPee is here. I don’t remember how I stumbled across this site as I’ve had to wait a few days to post this up because the site seems to be going through some growing pains at the moment. But as of this writing the site seems to at least be functional and even has a few of it’s “reviews” posted.

These aren’t really movie reviews exactly, but admin and user created info blurbs about when the best time to go pee during a theatrically run movie is. Example:

While I think this is kind of a fun little tool and potentially useful, right now the site is pretty limited and most of the “reviews” are either non-existent or are wisecracks (e.g. Crank 2: “After five minutes you can leave to pee and then just never come back as nothing of value happens after that”). Still, it’s got some interesting cross-promotion ideas and a neat way of covering potential spoilers. If you have a moment check it out (might be a good idea if you have a girlfriend with the typical bladder problems); maybe bookmark it for future use when the site becomes more stable.

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Jandy Hardesty

If ever a site needed an iPhone/Android/Blackberry app, it's THIS ONE.

Also, HEY. I've been the movies with plenty of boys who ended up being the one who had to duck out right at the important part to relieve themselves…


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