What’s Up Lovely Teaser Trailer

Both John and I had nothing but huge praise for Gary King’s New York Lately a couple of months back. And as promised, his next film is on the way which showcases some of the acting talent of his first film, but also one of the greatest cities in the world, New York.

So we got word of the trailer hitting the web today and I gotta say, once again I’m pretty impressed. It looks like my gut reaction was right as the aesthetic quality of this trailer gives off sort of an unpolished My Blueberry Nights vibe. And I don’t use the word “unpolished” in a bad way; far from it. In fact I like the raw realism of a “bright lights, big city” feel to the story that although gives a sense of cold and loneliness in the trailer, it still has warmth and heart at the same time.

Stay on top of this production over at the film’s website. Or stay tuned to RowThree as I’m sure we’ll remain in the loop and follow this one quite closely. I truly love good indie fare when I see it. And so far these films are straight up my alley.

check out the trailer below the seats…

WHAT’S UP LOVELY – Teaser from Kitchen Table Films on Vimeo.

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