Cinecast Episode 120 – A Thriller without Thrills


Episode 120:
A couple of main stream reviews and a couple of festival reviews. Also, what the hell is a documentary anyway?

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Below the fold are the Show Notes…

Show notes for the Cinecast Episode 120:

  • Kurt Russell (3000 Miles to Graceland)/Intros: :00 – 1:10
  • The Soloist: 1:11 – 12:13
  • Sunshine Cleaning: 12:14 – 26:52
  • Mpls. Film Festival:
  • – – The Merry Gentleman: 26:53 – 45:08
    – – Jerichow/Upcoming films: 45:08 – 56:47

  • DVD picks: 56:48 – 1:05:51
  • hot docs/what is a documentary?: 1:05:52- 1:17:14
  • upcoming films/James McAvoy/ramble/closing: 1:17:15 – 1:23:41
  • Outro Music: 1:21:08 – 1:25:03

Closing bumper music provided by Mike Doughty (iTunes profile): “Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well”

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Limited show notes this week. Stuff we talked about:

The Soloist (RowThree review-MIKE)
Sunshine Cleaning (IMDb)
The Merry Gentleman (RowThree review-ANDREW)
Jerichow (RowThree review-KURT)
Minneapolis Film Fest (festival official site)
Hot Docs (festival official site)

DVD Pick(s) for Tuesday, April 28th:

RowThree review-JOHN


In the Realm of the Senses
In the Realm of the Senses

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Yay, the homework assignment is my favourite subject, geography!

Jerichow is a town in northeast Germany. I'm not positive of the pronounciation, but my basic understanding of the language and a little research of the International Phonetic Alphabet on Wikipedia leads me to believe that it is "Yare-iko."


And both of you need to see Sugar ASAP! Can't wait for the podcast discussion once you have. 😀


oh, i never heard of Sugar. that looks really good!


Maybe I am biased, but I don't think Joe Wright Sold Out with what he did with the Soloist, I think he was misguided. He directs the shit out of the film, and I didn't quite get this gloss you talk about Andrew, its more trying to captures Los Angeles, the golden light, the traffic, etc. It almost feels like something out of the Lars Von Trier's Five Obstructions, this is what Joe Wright can do when obstructed by a clunky script. My experience was that the film was better than the trailer makes you believe, but even then, it cannot escape its central concept which the trailer hones in on.


I am the opposite, I rarely go to Hot Docs, and rather get my dose of documentaries from TIFF. They usually have a strong showing of docs from my experience.

In addition to the ones Kurt mentions I also saw

Touching the Void

The Killer Within

Fog of War

The Corporation

In the Shadow of the Moon



So Wolverine apparently sucks and comes out this weekend, and I will see it regardless.

A primer for when I give an opinion:

if I like or love it, it means nothing because of all comic franchises, XMen for me is like pizza, its hard for me to not like it, I am definitely an apologist for it.

If I acknowledge it sucking, then it really really really really must suck.

Marina Antunes

Goon – I'll be there with you in spirit. A big group of us is going on Saturday night. Should be fun if only for the talk afterwards.


Re: Wolverine

I saw it last night. I liked it. In fact, I think it's better than X-Men 3.


Dave saying Wolverine is better than X3 isn't saying much. I mean, the action sequences in X3 were pretty solid,but the movie dropped all of the things that made X-Men and X2 interesting films. They basically turned it into a big dumb action flick. Which is what Wolverine looks like.