Mamo # 137: Lost Weekend


Are you excited about Fighting, Obsessed and The Soloist? Because Ladies and Gentlemen, that is your official starting lineup for this coming weekend. The week-before-the-big-summer-boxoffice-kickoff (this time courtesy of Wolverine) has the distinction of giving audiences some pretty mediocre gumbo to choke down. The Matt’s examine the phenomena of the worst release date on the entire calendar.

We also take the time to remind everyone to throw their picks for the box office crown into the Row Three Guess the Grosses contest by clicking the shark at the top of the page on the labonza and giving it your best shot. You have until Friday May 1, at 9pm edt to get in for bragging rights plus possibly something tangible as well.

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I think Star Trek fever is building and that I may have underestimated it in my grosses picks. Transformers was I think big not only because it had robots smashing into each other but because it was a new movie property yet with name recognition and I think the same kind of perfect storm is happening with Star Trek. Its the same name, but different.

Is anyone seeing the Soloist? I am a big fan of the director Joe Wright, but man that there appears to be some mediocre gumbo to choke down.

Opening in Toronto is Ceylan's Three Monkeys, so that is my escape from this weekend… also tempted to see this indie movie Only, anyone heard of it?

Andrew James

I want to see The Soloist! But this weekend and the following week is just ridiculous. We've also got Sugar and Tokyo! opening here – -and to compound the logistic problems, I still have 6 tickets left on my Film Fest pass (which ends Thursday).


I think I may catch the Soloist tonight in fact, as a concession to the wife, but I am kind of dreading it.


Got to say that this seems a bit of a rough weekend for movie choices, in the UK it's a bit brighter I got to get myself out to see Observe and Report and In the Loop both I'm really excited about seeing this weekend. We also have the Tale of Two Sisters remake which I'm not going any where near and State Of Play which I'm a little lukewarm about.

The Soloist does look like a painful exercise in worthy acting cred for the leads.

Mike Rot

So there is no way that Inglorious Bastards could be Tarantino's biggest box office grosser? Oh wait isn't it like three or four hours long?


his cache has certainly dropped for me… I think with Pulp Fiction I felt a sense that he could break free from style and make something with some real heart to it, and I wrongly thought Kill Bill would be the revenge movie to end all revenge movies, but that never panned out, and I have sort of come to accept from his films that they are just fun romps, with no lofty ambitions.

Inglorious Bastards, as far as I understand it, is supposed to be his big project, his best work he seems to think, but I still doubt it breaking the glass ceiling his previous films have set, I've just been let down too many times.

As for Woody Allen, I know we differ on this Matt, but I think he wishes he had the ambition of Tarantino on a bad day. Woody has fallen so far down, I thought Cassandra's Dream was one of the shoddiest films I had seen that year, and exhibited a complete disinterest in storytelling craft not to mention aesthetics that since it I have written him off, if he can't be bothered to tell a good story, then why should I bother with his annual churning out of product? That said, yes, Annie Hall is a masterpiece, but I think his last great film was Sweet and Lowdown in 1999. Match Point is a good movie but it is also a regurgitated story both in his canon and from Dostoevsky and it doesn't quite count for me.


Well there seems to be a pattern that if you make a film as big as Annie Hall or Pulp Fiction and mark your territory in Hollywood, so long as you to stay to your familiar practices than a niche audience will stay with you forever. Allen and Tarantino are similar in that neither really seem all that ambitious to change what they do, they are fine telling the same kind of story over and over, although Woody much more prodigiously than Quentin.


Looks like the numbers are in for the "Lost Weekend," and the trend continues.

Obsessed had the second-biggest end-of-April opening in the last ten years, $28.5M, but it also had the lowest of the Metacritic scores for the weekend at 22 (the only ones currently Lower are Street Fighter at 17 and Miss March with 7. Yikes.

The other two big releases, Fighting and Soloist, both scored 60, and failed to break the $12M mark.

Out of the last ten years of pre-summer wide releases, 75% made less than $12M on their opening weekend. Only four have cracked $20M: Obsessed, Entrapment ($30M in 1999), Hitch Hiker's Guide ($21M in 2005), and Mean Girls ($24M in 2004).


I have a review of the Soloist forthcoming, but in lieu of all this talk about this weekend, I saw the film friday night at the AMC and outside they were giving away two for one vouchers to see the Soloist (ON ITS OPENING DAY!). I guess they wanted to bolster the box office numbers so it didn't seem a total flop, but even with two for one vouchers the theater I was in was not even half full.


my theater was pretty packed for the Soloist. it did pretty good and they weren't passing out the vouchers