What’s Up Lovely? Shooting Starts Today

A couple of months back our own John Allison discovered a little independent gem from director Gary King entitled New York, Lately. The artwork alone pretty much sold me so I was able to get a hold of the director and snag a screener. So glad I did too since as I mentioned above, it really is quite the gem.

What's Up Lovely posterSo word was that King’s new film was to begin pre-production shortly and lo and behold, shortly is apparently now. Casting has been taken care of and principal shooting began today for What’s Up Lovely.

After losing her job, Luci discovers how tough the times really are and during one particularly bad bout with insomnia, Luci distracts herself by heading out late one evening to help a friend in distress. SHe gets more than she bargained for however when her late night journey becomes a series of strange encounters while wandering the dark metropolis. During this unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she attempts to make her way back home.

Now admittedly this sounds pretty generic and not something we haven’t seen before. But judging from what I’ve seen from King so far I think it’s fair to say this will be anything but generic. I can just about guarantee a lot of heart, style and warmth to come out of this film. As with his previous film, a lot of the stills and artwork I’ve seen are enough to convince me of this. Maybe a little bit of Wendy and Lucy, a little Adventures in Babysitting with a dash of My Blueberry Nights all spun together within the greatest city in the world? Consider my ticket purchased when this hits the festival circuit.

For more on What’s Up Lovely, you can visit the official site (which includes more links, some stills and a production blog) or keep even closer tabs at the movie’s Facebook page.

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Any news of NY, Lately getting a theatrical or DVD release? That trailer sends chills up my spine!


And I must add, a mash-up of Wendy and Lucy, Adventures in Babysitting, and Blueberry Nights sounds totally awesome.


Even so, the idea sounds awesome. And whatever this movie turns out to be will probably also be awesome, whether it's like that or not. I want to see NY Lately!!


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