Trick ‘r Treat Finally Coming to DVD (We Hope)!

Trick 'r Treat Movie StillWe’ve salivated over screenings, posters and even asked out loud what the hell was up with Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat but after repeated delays, it looks like there’s finally an aswer.

It’s been a long and ugly road for Dougherty’s Halloween themed film which stars Brian Cox, Dylan Baker and Anna Paquin. It’s been sitting on a shelf somewhere for nearly two years and aside from the occasional special screening, it didn’t look like the film would ever see the light of day either in theatres or on DVD but by the looks of a story over at STYD, we may actually have a chance to finally catch up with the movie this Halloween, something which is making me (and likely Andrew) very happy.

The new trailer, which you can check out here, is longer than the previous one and right at the end we see an announcement that the film will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray in October. I am hoping that this isn’t another false start and that this time, WB pulls through.

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I don't get it. People who have seen this film say its really good. If Haunting in Ct can make over 30 mil in 3 weeks this film can get a DVD release.



It is so hard to believe it has sat for this long. I have to agree with Chuck. Indeed, a lot of real garbage gets released to THEATRES! And Trick 'r Treat can't get a DVD release? Here's hoping this isn't another false start!


well WB sucks! they release stupid movies into theatres and cant release (this highly anticipated film!) why the hell is it still on their shelves? And really it was a stupid idea to push it back because of SAW! SAW SUCKS! They need to stop shitting out sequels


THey are having a panel on this film at Comic Con this weekend i think its Friday Anna Paquin is going to be on it and I cant wait for this to come out on DVD its going to be so cool.


It really makes no sense why Warner Bros. has canned this film the way they have. It just seems mean and unfair, like someone at the studio has a grudge against one or more members of the production.

Kurt Halfyard

This is playing at TORONTO AFTER DARK this year.

Some Dude

I can confirm that this will be out october 6th.