Someone’s Gonna Die: Hawke & D’Onofrio in Staten Island Trailer

Staten Island Movie StillEveryone knows you don’t rip off the mob right? Apparently someone forgot to tell this guy.

Once known as Little New York but now retitled to Staten Island, James DeMonaco’s directorial debut stars Ethan Hawke as Sully, a septic tank cleaner who decides he’s going to rip off Tarzo (Vincent D’Onofrio), a mafia boss who uses a local grocer (Seymour Cassel) to “clean-up” his messes; I’m fairly certain he probably has a larger part to play but the first trailer, care of QE, doesn’t really specify what.

It’s not a great trailer but it provides a good introduction to the story, one I’m definitely curious to check out. It also looks like there may be more at play than just a heist but again, the trailer doesn’t really set up much of a story outside the plan to rob the don. That said, what little we see is pretty good. Both Hawke and D’Onofrio look their parts (though I’m surprised it’s taken this long to see D’Onofrio as a mobster) and it’s nice to see the two actors re-united.

Staten Island hasn’t been picked up for US distribution but the film is scheduled to open in France later this year and has been picked up for Canadian distribution by VVS Films; a company does both DVD and theatrical releases so there is a chance that the film may open around the country later this year.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!