FAQ about Time Travel

As I am an IT type guy I am a big fan of the British tv series IT Crowd. I love the humour and all the characters. Since first watching it I have become a bit of a fan of Chris O’Dowd (Roy in IT Crowd). Last night I was browsing around the web and I discovered a poster at IMPA for the British Comedy called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel which stars O’Dowd.

FAQ About Time Travel

I did some more searching and found the trailer, which looks pretty hilarious. The movie is set for a release in the UK on April 24th. I’m hoping that it ends up being released here in North America shortly after.

Finally, here is O’Dowd in the opening scene of IT Crowd.

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Kurt Halfyard

I always liked this one, the middle ages TECH SUPPORT:

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I do hope it makes it to North America!


nice posting – Marc Wootton who also stars in the film as Toby, has an official website and blog http://www.foolingnobody.com – more Faq About Time Travel news there too. Uk release 24 April 2009 – U.S. release news coming soon