Cinecast Episode 116 – Knowing is Half the Battle


Episode 116:
We’re back with a little Knowing this week. A lot of Knowing actually. Then it’s on to some other tidbits of goodness, DVDs and Spike Jonze.

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Show notes for the Cinecast Episode 116:

  • Dark City (Kiefer Sutherland): :00 – :32
  • Intros/in-house announcements: :33 – :57
  • Knowing: :58 – 46:41
  • more Other stuff: 46:42 – 1:30:50
  • DVD picks: 1:30:51 – 1:45:54
  • Where the Wild Things Are trailer: 1:45:55 – 1:52:05
  • Upcoming films and shows: 1:52:06 – 1:58:31
  • Closing thoughts/tangents: 1:58:32 – 2:01:25
  • Outro Music: 2:00:26 – 2:02:04

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Marina’s review

Other movies referenced:
The Happening
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Quiet Earth
Miracle Mile

Other recently watched Titles:

Spanish Prisoner
– – Andrew’s review
I Love You, Man
– – Jonathan’s review
Project Greenlight (season 2)
– – The Battle of Shaker Heights
The Limey

On the road (with Andrew’s iPod):

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DVD Pick(s) for Tuesday, March 24th:

Kurt’s DVD Review


I got nothin’

Other stuff:

Where The Wild Things Are TRAILER.

Terminator 4 poster (click for larger):
Terminator Salvation

Maddoxx’ take on i,Robot:

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I watched Bolt today, and immediately remembered the Cinecast where Kurt (I think) was complaining – without seeing the movie – that Bolt the dog didnt know he was a movie star, and the logic behind it, as just one of many excuses not to see it.

This issue for the record is explicitly addressed over and over, and its fine.

The movie is good. Starts off kinda meh to be honest, but really gets better over time. The animation on these animals heads is actually ridiculously good and subtle, top notch stuff. And overall its a lot funnier than expected. 4/5

Kurt Halfyard

Goodie. I still have little interest in Bolt, but at least they didn't fuck up at that simple conceptual level..

Marina Antunes

Monsters vs. Aliens – Kurt you're going to be disappointed. It's mediocre at best (though it does have some fun moments).


Bad reviews (well totally MEH reviews) have pretty much scared me away from this. There is a bunch of other stuff I'll get too which will likely leave Mvs.A simply not bothered with (as with most of the recent DW's films.)

Goodbye Solo, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, Duplicity, Before Tomorrow are the ones I'm looking forward to.

(Even Polytechnique, Hank&Mike (a local TO production), Sunshine Cleaning, Hansel & Gretel (which I caught at ReelAsian last year and is solid if not perfect), and Stone of Destiny are higher on the list at this point).

Lots of good stuff in the cinema at the moment really, very unusual for this time of March!

Shannon the Movie Mo

There is tons of great stuff out here atm – I'm with Kurt on that one. This week alone I'm planning on hitting up Sunshine Cleaning, Before Tomorrow and Haunting in Conneticut.

Happy to see Hansel & Gretel out in the reg. theatres here – fun film. Polytechnique is also very good, tactful, sensitive but also felt very honest.

Once we hit May though, flipping heck we are going to be hit hard with blockbusters. Most of them I'm looking forward to though 🙂


what is it with Kurt and Stone of Destiny, that looks all kinds of horrible.

This has got to be the longest stretch I have gone not seeing a film, the last thing I caught was Watchmen.

Wednesday I am catching Observe and Report.

Polytechnique is the only film out there that piques my interest.

Marina Antunes

In a tweet immediately after walking out of the theatre, my response to Polytechnique was "gut punch". That still stands. Hoping to put my notes together into a cohesive review but really wish I had an opportunity to see it again. It played for one week. That's it. Gone.

Kurt Halfyard

I like the story, I like Charles Martin Smith. The movie looks 'fun.' But then, I've not been able to muster the will (actually not had the time) to keep getting out to the theatre!

As 'fun romps' go, I've been itching to see Duplicity.

(And I'm kicking myself for bothering with KNOWING!)

Kurt Halfyard

@Marina – OOF!

Marina Antunes

It reminded me a bit of "Elephant": You know how it's going to end but it's so beautiful it's hard to enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Shannon the Movie Mo

Stone of Destiny was delightful – and it made me cry. Um, don't tell anyone.

Matt Gamble

Adventureland is pretty damn good. Much darker then it is being marketed as. It is closer to The Squid and the Whale then it is an Apatow comedy. Bill Hader absolutely ownz in the film as well.

Matt Gamble

And I finally thought of a good approximation for The Great Buck Howard. It's pretty much Color Me Kubrick, great when Malcovich is onscreen, but it struggles when he isn't. Luckily he's in about 80% of the movie. I probably liked it better then I did Duplicity, though that might just be because I had such high expectations of Duplicity going in.

I'll back Andrew though, I think it is the best opening credit sequence of the year so far. I think I might enjoy the film more over time, as I focus more on the great characters working in the background then the relatively weak story.

Matt Gamble

Yeah, its definitely dark Andrew. It doesn't have any monster performances like The Squid and the Whale does, but it is a really engrossing film. I really liked it, and I went in thinking it was going to be a pile.

I will make the call right now that Kurt drools over a certain someone in the film. She's practically plucked out of Into the Wild for the film.

Kurt Halfyard

If we are talking Ms. Kristin Stewart, let the record show that it is only in Into The Wild. It's the gal with guitar thing. Gets me every time. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the PANG Brother's MESSENGERS, and I'm certainly not going near any of that Twilight stuff.

Kurt Halfyard

@Matt – "I had such high expectations of Duplicity going in." – ditto, are you saying I should adjust them downward?

I think I might enjoy the film more over time, as I focus more on the great characters working in the background then the relatively weak story. — This is the type of thing I'm talking about that makes 'hanging out' slacker flicks so re-watchable. And for that matter, stuff like Charade work time and time again. It's that characters.


Sugar the baseball movie is finally coming out? I hope it finds it's way to Toronto. Please oh please!

Matt Gamble

ditto, are you saying I should adjust them downward?

Probably a little. I certainly enjoyed the movie, but it was less of a screwball comedy then I was expecting, and Owen and Roberts were merely ok, but the actual plot is fairly uninteresting. Its smart, and it knows it, but it also is surprisingly predictable. I think on rewatch that it will be much easier to just enjoy all of the little details and performances, rather then focus on trying to out think the film.


Andrew, I just watched Jumper on your recommendation. WTF. That movie was HORRIBLE! So much potential, but epic fail. The concept was brilliant, I was hoping for an intelligent sci-fi action thriller with lots of wacky theories, like Lost, or even if they didn't make sense, something like Donnie Darko could have been fun. But it had none of that, it never even tried to explain how the whole jumping thing works. At all. It just happens, and we're supposed to accept it? And the hunter/paladin plot? What? Why? One-dimensional Jesus freaks who kept repeating "only God should have this power!" Um, riiight. What was with the electricity? And the acting, OMG. I don't like Hayden Christensen, but I know he can act (Shattered Glass) … awful here. Rachel Bilson, always always always bad, she just needs to stop being in movies. Please! Jamie Bell, trying his best, but he seems to be in a different movie entirely. And Diane Lane, three scenes, totally wasted. And what was with Sam Jackson? His hair was freaking me out. And Kristen Stewart popping up at the very end? She doesn't even do anything! Sure they left it open for a sequel, but are they ever going to explain how the whole concept works? If they do, they will be a whole movie too late. 1.5 out of 5. Sorry Andrew.