Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

It’s here! The awesomeness continues! Now updated with much nicer version and if you’re looking for HD, it can be found at Apple.



  1. omfg. omfg. omfg.

  2. omfg

  3. Arcade Fire Goodness…

  4. I’m not familiar at all with the source material but that looked damn spiffy.

    Is this aimed at kids or adults (or both)?

  5. This is so awesome in so many levels!

  6. Marina Antunes

    Jonas – I’m not sure at the target audience for the original material but as with anything else if it’s really good, it’ll appeal to both adults and children.

  7. The original rumours going around was a battle between the studio and Jonze as to how dark the movie was turning out. I’m not sure where that ended up.

  8. John, last I’d heard both parties had come to some sort of agreement, and that the ‘kerfuffle’ wasn’t as blown up as the web-rumours. Or at least that was the official line – if you are paranoid.

    It certainly seems from this trailer that it is warm and fuzzy with and undercurrent of dark. Sounds like the right place for the story.

    I get a major ‘classic Henson’ vibe from the creatures and that is GOOD.

  9. Looks bad, like Cat in the Hat bad.

  10. Kurt Halfyard

    Heh. Whose going to feed the troll? ^^^^^^^^^

    I think there is a conscious effort to do something along the lines of Labyrinth or Dark Crystal, or Never Ending Story. That sort of vibe is what I’m getting, although it is very 21st century too, the hand-held photography is very nice for the mood here.

  11. This looks great. I’ve been anticipating this film for a long time now.

  12. so, i’m not the only one whose jaw dropped?

    the original story is a children’s story, but one that even adults can enjoy. it’s a timeless story. can’t wait for this.

  13. Looks great. This years A Scanner Darkly.

    Was that Gandalfini with the first line?

    • Marina Antunes

      Sure was. I didn’t pick up on Gandalfini until after the second time I saw the trailer.

  14. amazing awesome indie rock littl kid joyful beautiful gorgeous jonzey goodness

  15. Wow, I am definitely getting some Henson nostalgia here. This is all I want to see for the rest of my life.

  16. Almost too awesome to speak about.

  17. i'm glad we are all in agreement. :-)

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