Sell Out! Trailer

Generally, a Malaysian musical comedy wouldn’t be something that appeals to me but I’m an equal opportunity lover and frankly, it’s not every day that I’ve already heard about a little known Asian film but here we are.

Colleen saw and fell in love with Yeo Joon Han’s Sell Out! at VIFF and every time she talks about it, she breaks into gleeful hysterics; having seen the trailer, I can see why. From what I can remember, it’s about a boy, a girl and a company that is on the lookout for the next best product (as long as it has a deficiency that will break it immediately after the warranty expires).

Doubtful that we’ll get to see the film outside of the festival circuit but at this point, I’m just happy to see a trailer! Keep an eye out for it possibly playing near you. I’m anxiously awaiting the DVD release!

Thanks to the Twitch folks for the awesomeness!

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Hahaha, this looks adorable! It was on my shortlist at TIFF last year, but I didn't get tickets for it. Will definitely check it out if it's released in Toronto (or on DVD).

Andrew James

This looks like just WAY too much fun! I totally understand where the "infectious energy" comment came from in the review quote.

"People who make musicals should be chopped up into 18 pieces. You never hear anyone just break into song!"

or even more brilliant:

"I'm not a woman. I say what I mean."


The film opens with a bizarre interview of the director on a fake arts program. You know its going to be a…different film… when the director is naked on screen in the first scene.

My second favorite film of 2008.

oh and the "I wouldn't sleep with you" song is very infectious.