Rank ’em: The Films of Ryan Gosling

Ryan GoslingOne of my few man crushes in the film world is Ryan Gosling. After my first knowing experience (The Notebook) I was immedaitely a hooked fan. Since then, each subsequent screening experience has only strengthened my high opinion of his work. Tonight, I’ve finished the only Gosling film that I hadn’t seen yet and am ready for a new “Rank ’em” post. As of today, he’s only been in about ten films, so this is a quick and easy list to put together.

So here are all of Gosling’s films ranked from best to not best:

1) Half Nelson
2) The Believer
3) The Notebook
4) Lars and the Real Girl
5) Stay
6) The United States of Leland
7) Remember the Titans
8 ) The Slaughter Rule
9) Fracture
10) Murder by Numbers

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Kurt Halfyard

Haven't seen enough to rank them. I'm not a gigantic fan of Gosling, but the man is certainly solid as an actor. I actually dug "STAY" quite a bit. And was baffled that with that high profile cast and snazzy look that it practically went straight to DVD.


I have seen The Believer which sucked ass, and Lars and the Real Girl which sucked.


1) Half Nelson



Haven't seen Stay yet, though a friend keeps asking me over to watch it. Never heard of Slaughter Rule. Of the rest:

1) Half Nelson

2) Lars and the Real Girl

3) The Notebook

4) Murder by Numbers

5) Fracture

6) Remember the Titans

7) The Believer

8. United States of Leland

I really like Gosling, but I'd say I LOVE only those first two films.

I'd really like to see his two projects in development, Blue Valentine (a romantic drama with Michelle Williams) and The Dallas Buyer's Club (about the underground/illegal pharmaceutical movement of the 80s).

His only release this year, a thriller with Frank Langella, Kirsten Dunst, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sounds like it could go either way on the good/bad scale.


Good stuff. Been a fan for a long while, looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future. He's still really young, so hopefully he has a long and prosperous career ahead of him.

1. Half Nelson

2. The Believer

3. Lars and the Real Girl

4. The Notebook

5. The United States of Leland

6. Stay

7. Remember the Titans

8. The Slaughter Rule

9. Fracture

10. Murder by Numbers


i think he needs to pick more projects like THE BELIEVER AND HALF NELSON and less like STAY and FRACTURE. He himself was great in THE NOTEBOOK, and made me take notice of him enough to check out his earlier movies, but the movie itself i didn't think was that good.

he has shown signs of a young DeNiro though. i like this guy.

1) The Believer

2) Half Nelson

3) The United States of Leland

4) Lars and the Real Girl

5) Fracture

6) The Notebook

7) Stay


What, no love for "Breaker High" or "Young Hercules"?

I'm a big fan of Gosling's from way back when. Here's how they fall for me (though I haven't heard of, never mind seen "The Slaughter Rule").

1) Half Nelson
2) The Notebook
3) The Believer
4) Stay
5) Murder by Numbers
6) The United States of Leland
7) Lars and the Real Girl
8 ) Remember the Titans
9) Fracture


Lars and the Real Girl – unique, interesting, funny, touching!

Half Nelson – rests on the shoulders of Ryan Gosling.

The Believer – oscar worthy peformance, okay execution.

Remember the Titans – solid football movie. important story.

The Notebook – okay, but not great.

Fracture – better than people give it credit.

Stay – this movie sucked. good performances, bad script.