Fast Zombies with Guns

Fast ZombiesYou can’t out run them… and you sure as hell can’t outrun their six little friends. Fast Zombies with Guns takes zombie-lore to a whole new level.

Now judging from the trailer and web site, we’re obviously not looking at much of a budget or high quality cinema. But honestly, the title alone is enough to sell me. It’s even better than Zombie Strippers or even Ninjas vs. Zombies.

The premise is about the same as any other zombie flick; a group of people needs to get from here to there without being eaten by zombies. A lot of screaming and blood will ensure I’m sure.

So again, while not a whole lot of love for the trailer, there are a couple of pretty cool shots (check out the background during the local farmer interview) and some decent gore effects. Director is influenced by such greats as Johnnie To, Wong Kar-Wai, Robert Rodriguez and Andrew Lau, so at least they have good taste and are clearly influenced by (good) Asian cinema.

Looks like the premiere already happened last month in Illinois, but you can get the DVD at the film’s website if you’re really excited about seeing some Fast Zombies with Guns. Check out the trailer below…


Thanks to “E” for the heads up!


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