Cinecast Episode 113 – Hats, Canes and a Shiny New Penny


Episode 113:
It’s the Academy Awards (almost) all the time. From the show itself to the winners; a complete recap. A new and interesting version of the top 5 and of course DVD picks.
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Below the fold are the Show Notes…

Show notes for the Cinecast Episode 113:

  • Intro music: :00 – 3:56
  • Opening crap/in-house announcements: :36 – 3:04
  • Stuff we saw recently: 3:06 – 18:14
    – – Rachel Getting Married, Battle Royale, Tora! Tora! Tora!
  • Oscar recap: 18:15 – 1:04:35
  • Odd Top 5: 1:04:35 – 1:34:30
  • Independent Spirit Awards: 1:34:31 – 1:41:09
  • “On the Road”: 1:41:12 – 1:54:15
  • DVD picks: 1:54:16 – 2:04:43
  • Closing thoughts/tangents: 2:04:45 – 2:11:36
  • Outro Music: 2:09:41 – 2:12:54
  • Let’s get a taco: 2:12:55 – 2:13:00

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“Phenomena” (album: Show Your Bones)
The George Baker Selection
“LIttle Green Bag” (album: Reservoir Dogs OST)

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Stuff we looked at:

Rachel Getting Married
Battle Royale
Tora! Tora! Tora!
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (talked about later in the show during the “on the road” segment)

The Oscars!:

– Hugh Jackman hosting
– Actor Nominees Presentations
– Kodak Theater / Aesthetics
– Acceptance Speeches
– Montages
– Commericial aspects
– Music
– Winners

A different sort of Top 5:

What if the acting winners from this year’s Oscars could be chosen from any title in their filmography? These would be our choices…

Sean Penn
2009 win: Milk
should’ve won for: Milk

Heath Ledger:
2009 win: The Dark Knight
should’ve won for: The Dark Knight

Penélope Cruz:
2009 win: Vicky Christina Barcelona
should’ve won for: Volver

Kate Winslet:
2009 win: The Reader
should’ve won for: (tie) Little Children/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Danny Boyle:
2009 win: Slumdog Millionaire
should’ve won for: if we HAD to pick one: Trainspotting

Independent Spirit Awards:

Commentary and winners

On the road (with Andrew’s iPod):

Saw V
smiles per mile: .05

Journey to the Center of the Earth
smiles per mile: .03

DVD Pick(s) for Tuesday, February 22th:

Four Flies on Grey Velvet
Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Sky Crawlers (Japanese Box [$445!])
Sky Crawlers

Dear Zachary: A Letter to his Son About his Father
Dear Zachary

Vanishing Point
The Vanishing

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