Hack a Road Sign

So this isn’t really movie related, but it may be useful information should a zombie infestation ever break out in your city (or some other potential, totally fictional catastrophe). Thanks to our friends at Gizmodo, we now know how to inform travelers of any important, “red alert” type of information that may be on the road ahead simply by hacking into a nearby road construction sign. Whether it be the aforementioned zombies, aliens or the death star rapidly approaching the planet, YOU can be the difference between life and death for some otherwise unsuspecting soccer mom and three screaming kids in the back of her Lincoln Navigator.

Zombie alert road sign

Ok, ok. Really this was just an excuse to post an image that caught my attention and I thought humorous. But if you really want to know how to hack into a roadside construction sign (which is highly illegal and we here at RowThree don’t actually condone – unless of course there actually is an emergency; ya know, like space ninjas or something), apparently it’s pretty damn easy and instructions are under the seats…

While most road sign control pads are placed in a lock box, that box is rarely actually locked. And while most road signs are under password protection, that password is most generally just the default code “DOTS”—or you can easily reset the password by holding “shift” and “control” while typing “DIPY” (so that it just defaults to “DOTS” again).

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Marina Antunes

This sound like a project for Colleen…


Most of the local sign boards have most of the stuff locked. We have alot of theft of solar panels and such, so they have tightened some of these things up here.

That said, I don't think I would hack a traffic control/message sign. They are there to disiminate information in regards to the road up ahead. My sign stealing code from when I was a teenager strickly prohibated the theft of traffic signs. Now stealing / defacing a whole billboard is much more my style. I still have a 4×8 wooden VW dealership sign in an ex-boyfriends basement. He brings it up whenever I see him.


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