Cinecast Episode 109 – The Business of Selling Candy


Episode 109:
This week we take a hard look at the Steven Soderbergh epic, Che, as well as a SPOILER REVIEW Eastwood’s Gran Torino. We also have DVD picks for this week and other banter.
C’mon in!

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Below the fold are the Show Notes…

Show notes for the Cinecast Episode 109:

  • Intro music: :00 – 1:19
  • Opening crap: :20 – 3:33
  • Che: 3:33 – 39:51
  • Gran Torino: 39:51 – 1:14:31
  • DVD picks: 1:14:32 – 1:30:38
  • 2009 – Upscale kids’ films: 1:14:32 – 1:36:30
  • Slight tangent on Speed Racer and what NOT to do while driving an automobile: 1:36:31 – 1:44:31
  • Closing stuff: 1:44:32 – 1:47:19
  • Outro Music: 1:47:20 – 1:51:13

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Gran Torino:

RowThree review (Jonathan)


Che (Parts 1 & 2):

Andrew’s review


DVD Pick(s) for Tuesday, January 20th:


Andrew’s review


Hustle and Flow
Hustle & Flow on Blu-ray

Other films out on Blu-Ray:
The Notebook
The Machinist
City of Ember


Quick Tangent on upcoming kids films:

Where the Wild Things Are
CoralineNeil Gaiman
Fantastic Mr Fox
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
Azur and Asmar


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Kurt Halfyard

Look at those review and DVD images. Highest number of films with shotguns on the cinecast.

Oh yea, the patent on 'quiet candy bags' –

Matt Gamble

Andrew should be fired from the Cinecast.

Gran Torino takes place in Minneapolis, though it wasn't filmed here. It also was written by a Minneapolis resident at Grumpy's Bar in Northeast Minneapolis. You'd think the Hmong angle would have been something Andrew would have picked up on (Minneapolis has the largest number of Hmong immigrants in the world and they aren't exactly looked upon kindly by many residents) or the fact that every news outlet in town has talked about how it is by a Minneapolis writer and is set in Minneapolis.

And while the road Andrew drives on while watching a movie is straight, he forgot to mention it also contains bridges that are liable to fall out from underneath you while driving. Spy Hunter he ain't.

I'm pretty sure their were other things I would have yelled at you two about (The Notebook being "kind of a chick flick" for instance) but these two are the ones that stuck out.


Gran Torino is set in Michigan

Kurt Halfyard

Michigan makes sense, there is a big Ford Plant there that operated in the 1970s (when Walt build the Gran Torino).


yeah, I'm pretty sure it takes place in Detroit

Ha ha Gamble explosive rant backfire 😛


from wikipedia

"Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), a retired automotive worker and a Korean War veteran, lives in a changing Detroit neighborhood which is dominated by immigrants."

Maybe Gamble should be fired from the comments section 😀


and before you get your panties in a bunch, yes I am aware the original story takes place in Minneapolis, but Clint moved it to Detroit. Andrew saw the movie and based it off that so there's nothing you can take out on him.

Matt Gamble

You mean outside of every news outlet in Minneapolis talking about it being a Minneapolis film? Hell, most of the Hmong actors are from Minneapolis, including the quality control agent who made sure they were shown in a positive light. Plus the two main characters that he whined about being bad actors, 5 seconds of research would have led to him discovering that they are non-actors. From Minneapolis. Where the film was cast. And set. Because it was written by a resident who wanted to talk about an issue the vast majority of Twin Cities residents have at least cursory knowledge of. Except Andrew, who is too busy slaloming down I-35 while watching Speed Racer to actually invest anytime in informing himself on his neighborhood.

And I am totally telling your parents Andrew. My insurance rates went up because of too many accidents in the area. Now I know it is directly related to you moving into the area. Dick.

Which part of Mpls has a 4 lane highway next to Lake Michigan?

Which part of Detroit does?

As for Hmongs, I don’t see many where I live

Bullshit. Granted their aren't as many as there are living in Frogtown, but their are Hmongs living in Uptown. Where we both live.

Michigan makes sense, there is a big Ford Plant there that operated in the 1970s

There is a big Ford plant here in the Cities as well that was operating in the 70's. It also happens to be near the area of town where the majority of Hmongs live.

Andrew saw the movie and based it off that so there’s nothing you can take out on him.

He based it that it was a Midwest city, and both him and Kurt decided it was Chicago. So no, he didn't base that the film was in Detroit. And if Andrew is going to review films and not put any effort into actually researching the film he shouldn't be reviewing it. Or he can just keep up what he's doing and change his last name to Campea.



If Matt Campea wants to insist the FILM is set in Minneapolis even though everywhere else I've seen says its Detroit, and multiple of us somehow knew it was cast in Michigan, be my guest.

If you look up Detroit newspapers, they are happy to call it their own

"Eastwood doesn't have one in "Gran Torino," whose title refers to the 1972 beauty, manufactured a year after Eastwood made "Dirty Harry," hidden away in the protagonist's Detroit garage. "


*cast in Michigan

SET in Michigan. the FILM.

Matt Gamble

Yes Goon, and Fargo takes place in Fargo.

Kurt Halfyard

@Matt: "Except Andrew, who is too busy slaloming down I-35 while watching Speed Racer to actually invest anytime in informing himself on his neighborhood."

This truly made me LOL. Kudos.

Kurt Halfyard

Totally picked the wrong DVD for this episode. Dimension Extreme finally put KING OF THE HILL out on DVD, and it is en-route to me via Amazon as we speak!

<img src=&quotcomment image">


jesus christ, are you guys seriously arguing about this? my god what a waste of internet space.

@ "And if Andrew is going to review films and not put any effort into actually researching the film he shouldn’t be reviewing it."

get off your high horse. the movie takes place in Detroit anyway. look at the license plates. do your own fucking research before you go running your mouth, Gamble.

Matt Gamble

In this economy I think it is perfectly acceptable to get upset at a douchebag who's reckless driving habits cause your insurance rates to go up $50.

I mean, I have to put off buying Absolute Sandman 4 because of that wanker.



I have a .wmv of GT I could reference. Even just skimming.. One hour and 6 minutes in – Michigan plate. One hour and 10 minutes in – Michigan plate. One hour and 15 minutes in – Michigan plate on that big white Ford pickup truck.

One hour 45 minutes, big fucking police car that says Highlan Park Police. Where's Highland Park you ask?,_Michi

"Highland Park is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 16,746 at the 2000 census. The city is completely surrounded by Detroit except a small portion that touches the city of Hamtramck, which is also surrounded by Detroit."

"The 2008 movie Gran Torino, starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, is primarily set in Highland Park."

There doesn't seem to be much Asian population in the real Highland Park, but you don't get points for where it 'ideally' takes place. The film is in Michigan. Eat shit. Yours, Goonie G. Goon.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


I watched Gran Torino last night and oh my lord is that a shitty film. Kurt how can you honestly say that the acting didn't bother you? It's a fucking embarrassment to watch this amateur hour. The boy and the girl were horrible, just horrible and the priest was just pathetic. How the hell did Eastwood not see this? Or are the scene used the best of a really really shitty performance. Must be.