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So I can admit it: I like Star Trek. I’m certainly not a “Trekkie,” but I do find most of the stories and characters interesting and fun to think about. The creators of the various series usually came up with something interesting to deal with in terms of discussion, examination and exploration.

Part of what is cool about the Star Trek franchise is the fabulous technology and theorems that come along with the show. Ask any NASA engineer or particle physicist and they’ll tell you that a lot of the “fiction” that was portrayed on the Trek shows was partly based on fun and partly based on science. The parts that were theoretically based on science, have not only become reality, but the show actually coined some scientific terminology and/or scientific basis in fact that had not been explored at the time of the original show; “antimatter” for example.

Anyway, this is a round-a-bout way of getting to the point that JJ Abrams (creator of LOST) has come up with his own ideas of what technology might be like 100 years from now and we have pictures to show you. While some of what is cool about the Trek franchise is the scientific reality of all of the gadgets and technology, another aspect of the show is also the mystery. It just works. We don’t necessarily have to know the whys and hows or all of the intracacies of each bit of techno-babble; we just need to know that when a tri-corder scans a rock, it can tell us where that rock has been and what compounds the rock has contained for the last billion years.

Kirk’s communicator: Tri-corder: Uhura’s comm device:

Thanks to, we’re getting a first hand look at some of the gadgetry from next summer’s highly anticipated Star Trek “re-boot.” Myself, I’m interested in Kirk’s communication device. Again, I’m not interested in how or why it works; as a cinemaphile, I’m just more interested in how it looks and the fact that it does work at all.

To see the above images in a little bit more detail, peek under the seats…


  1. I am no Trekkie either, but I still enjoy Star Trek all the same. That said, I am really hoping this movie redeems the franchise. The last movie was Nemesis, and it was nothing to write home about. Using the cast of TNG again was a bad idea, and that certainly did not make the story any more interesting.

    They would have gotten farther using the cast of Voyager. There is actually an interesting story that could be told with Voyager; What happened when they got home?

    I have a cautious optimism about this movie, and I am hoping it will redefine what you can do with a Star Trek movie much the same way as Casino Royale redefined what you can do with a Bond movie. The trailers look decent enough, and I think the story they have will be interesting, and more importantly: a story meant to be told via a movie and not a TV series.

  2. I have to admit that the props look pretty good. And not terribly different from the original TV show. I wish there was a pic of an ordinary tricorder (the picture is of Dr. McCoy's medical tricorder, which was tubular in shape on the show too, as opposed to the rectangular shape of most tricorders). I'm curious what they look like!

    The trailers look good, but I am a bit worried about the movie. In the original series Spock was already on the Enterprise, serving under Captain Pike, while Kirk was still an ensign (he may have been in the Academy during part of Spock's original tenure on the Enterprise). I worry that they are going to make Spock and Kirk contemporaries. Of course, I guess it is a reboot and need not pay a lot of attention to the original series continuity.

  3. That earplug thing looks as retarded as it did in the 60's. What possible reason could there be for a device to be that clunky and stupid looking.


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