Cinecast Episode 106 – Some Familiar Territory


Episode 106:
Going back over some films that we have mentioned before, but this time with a little more depth; including talk on Slumdog (which gets a bit spoiler-y), JCVD, and Milk. And new tangents on villains and 80’s TV shows. Of course the DVD picks are here and few things more.
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Below the fold are the Show Notes…

Show notes for the Cinecast Episode 106:

  • Intro music: :00 – 3:06
  • Opening crap: :30 – 4:40
  • Movies We Watched:
    – – Black Christmas 4:41 – 6:55
    – – Kung Fu Panda 6:56 – 9:36
    – – The Man from Earth 9:37 – 15:12
  • Slumdog Millionaire: 15:13 – 41:42
  • JCVD: 41:43 – 53:17
  • Milk: 53:18 – 1:06:35
  • Tangent on films of 2008: 1:06:35 – 1:11:48
  • DVD picks: 1:11:49 – 1:20:37
  • Andrew’s Christmas project preview: 1:20:38 – 1:27:39
  • Closing stuff: 1:27:40 – 1:28:09
  • Outro Music:1:25:10 – 1:28:38

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The Faint
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What we watched lately:

Man from Earth: .torrent HERE – popular .torrent with lots of seeders.

Richard Riehle (the guy from Office Space and Fugitive, etc):
Richard Riehle

Slumdog Millionaire:

Andrew’s review
Kurt’s extended thoughts
John Allison’s review


John Allison’s review


Marina’s review – in which the comments section is quite… “lively.”

DVD Picks for Tuesday, December 16th:

Burn After Reading
Burn After Reading DVD cover
Andrew’s review

Cache DVD cover

The A-Team: Season 1
A-Team (season 1)

Death Proof & Planet Terror

Death Proof DVD cover Planet Terror DVD cover

Andrew’s Planet Terror review
Andrew’s Death Proof review

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I didn't get to this show until now.

Well Andrew you asked for Kung Fu Panda treachery, you got it.

You're complaining that it lacked depth? With everything it said, you sounded like everything you were nagging Kurt about when he dissed Enchanted. All along I've said is that Kung Fu Panda was simply IMO the best action movies of the year, and embraced the best parts about kung fu movies and tailored it for kids as well, rather than simply used kung fu as a framework towards having animals kick each others asses.

I mean seriously though Andrew, arguing against it based on depth doesn't make much sense to me coming from you – and no thats not some 'you lack complexity' comment, I mean that I don't think KFP has any more or less depth than Star Wars, or for that matter, Nightmare Before Christmas, which you loved. I don't know, i think some CGI movies have an uphill battle sometimes – there's a mindset that grows every year that they are just eye candy, and that since they aren't claymation or 2D, they lack any sophistication and that you can't love the characters the way you'd love a Jack Skellington.



btw, seeing that Cache blu-ray changed to Hidden made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It's one of those cases where the foreign title should have stayed the same.