Friday Horror Trailer #1: Friday the 13th

This is the newest trailer for the upcoming Friday the 13th “re-boot.” I never saw the other trailer and to be honest, with all of the films I am anticipating over the next 3 months or so, this one is pretty far down the list (actually, it’s not really on the list at all). The director also did the Chainsaw Massacre remake, which wasn’t horrible, but not especially good either (especially when viewed back to back with the original film).

I’m sure hard core slasher/horror fans will have a ball here, but I’m not really interested in just another slasher flick at this point. But maybe if I’m really feeling brain dead some evening, I would pick this up on DVD, but as of now… meh.

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I'm with you, wouldn't touch this one with a very long pole.


I love Friday the 13th movies. I'm not sure I understand why. They're not even good on a stupid level. They're mostly very lame. So I'm psyched to see this as it also looks pretty dumb. Are they giving away the body count there in the preview?