Cinecast Episode 100: The Bloor Cinema Lets the Right Ones In


Episode 100:
Kurt and Andrew have full run of their very own theater as they cover The Toronto After Dark Film Festival; including Let the Right One In and 4Bia. Plus a little extra Vampire talk with HBO’s “True Blood.” Mmmmm.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #100

  • Intro music: :00 – 3:19
  • Opening B.S.: :22- 1:30
  • Let the Right One In: 2:20 – 21:32
  • HBO’s “True Blood”: 21:33 – 31:10
  • TADFF favorites: 31:11 – 40:04
  • After Dark short program and The Goblin Man of Norway: 40:05 – 47:21
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera: 47:22 – 58:06
  • Closing stuff/Give-away swag: 58:07 – 1:10:21
  • Outro music: 1:07:00 – 1:11:25

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Let the Right One In:
Andrew’s review
Marina’s review

“True Blood”:

Toronto After Dark favorites:

Andrew’s review

Andrew’s review

Idiots & Angels:

After Dark Shorts program:
The Flower
Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove
Jay Cheel’s The Goblin Man of Norway

Repo! The Genetic Opera:
Andrew’s review (coming soon)
Quiet Earth review (Dr. Nathan)

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I agree Kurt, True Blood is amateurish, although I like it a bit better than you. Watch the first three seasons of Six Feet Under, that is Ball before he lost it. Screw that, watch Sopranos already, a better show than the Wire! what are you waiting for?!!!

Jay C.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Regretting not having joined you. We'll have to do a Movie Club style skype podcast where we mix the Cinecast and the Film Junk podcast at some point.

I also enjoyed the point at which Kurt referred to me and Sean as 'Shay and John'.

Kurt Halfyard

No shiat, really? That's awesome in that it sounds like a Morning Show: The Shay & John Hour!

Jay C.

I think we definitely should start a morning show under that name. I will give you full credit.

Marina Antunes

Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. What do I say to you? Judging a show (one that's still in infancy) from just the pilot? You know better.

Granted, I'll be the first to admit that with just one episode, I was really disappointed and 4 episodes in, I'm still not completely sold but there are hints that something better is coming. The first few episodes feel really weird because there's so much going on – people keep dying off and the same people are always involved – it feels really rushed as if Ball didn't think he'd get a full season to even get off the ground and that definitely is hindering my enjoyment of the show but it's not all that shrill. Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill the vampire, does seem to be settling into the character though I'm having a hard time getting used to Paquin's Sookie.

For me, the supporting characters are what are keeping me really interested. I love Rutina Wesley' take on the fiercely independent Tara who also seems to carry a chip on her shoulder and Nelsan Ellis is sheer awesomeness as Lafayette the off the wall gay cook.

The one thing I hate, hate HATE is the look of the vampires when the fangs come out. Feels really comedic and seems really out of place with the rest of the show.

I'm giving it a few more episodes before making a decision either way but so far, I'm warming up to it.


I always wanted to do a morning radio show called Morning Wood. Would be even better if it was hosted by James Woods.

Rusty James

True Blood is almost the exact same show as Dark Shadows. It's fun.

Love the title sequence!

Kurt Halfyard

Marina: The show is so awful and cliche ridden that even if it could improve by a factor of 5 (whatever that means) it would still totally suck. I think you are being too forgiving due to 'vampire' content to accept that Alan Ball has simply no clue what he is doing and that this show is quite possibly the worst HBO show in the past 5 years.

anonymous listener

Thanks for the podcast!

* True Blood:

1. see the novels by Charlaine Harris. They are light, entertaining fun. Nothing deep there. It falls into the genre of "urban fantasy".

2. in the novels, it's less about what Sookie does than what happens to her (she's not a "heroic" hero).

3. also, in the novels, the point of view is always on Sookie. In the show, the other characters do get a lot of air time. And there are differences, of course, but not essential.

4. I don't understand the remark about bad/cheap production. What does it refer to? Is there too little special effects? I noticed that too, but I don't mind.

My suggestion: wait for the whole season to be available, then go through it in one weekend, if the reviews are still good enough by then.



Definitely the worst HBO pilot I have ever seen, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy it almost in spite of myself. I agree with Rusty, it has a Dark Shadows feel.

and swarez I would be grabbing up that site address:

Shannon the Movie Mo

Great podcast guys, that is awesome you got to record at the Bloor!

I got a shout out – weeeee! 😉

I have to say I really am loving True Blood. I wouldn't say it's 'good' perse but I'm totally hooked – not since BSG started has there been a show that I simply would not miss. I also liked Repo and am really looking forward to Twilight, so there is a demographic for those films as well 🙂

Marina Antunes

I take it all back. No need to make apologies for the show. Just watched Episode 5. SHOW IS AWESOME.


Regarding the acting in Let the Right One In, the lead actress was actually dubbed.

Shannon the Movie Mo

*cheers* for Marina 🙂

Matt Gamble

Not far in but just wanted to say Let the Right One In is getting a pretty big push here in Minneapolis. Multiple word of mouth screenings scheduled over the next month to try and get the buzz running. I would be surprised if this isn't the case in other markets as well. Especially at any of the Landmark Theaters since it is being distributed by Magnet (I believe).


the Donnie Darko directors cut is more of a 'booby prize' if you ask me 😛 – they really messed that thing up with the recut.


Can't disagree with you goon, but freebies are freebies.