Cinecast Episode 99 – Just Kinda Good


Episode 99:
Catching Up with some gems of the past few weeks including Appaloosa, Tell No One, Funky Forest and a special SPOILER review of Blindness

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #99

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:20
  • Opening B.S.: :16 – 2:19
  • Funky Forest: 2:20 – 4:31
  • Tell No One: 4:32 – 15:02
  • Choke: 15:04 – 18:43
  • Body of Lies: 18:43 – 24:42
  • Appaloosa: 24:43 – 29:31
  • Blindness (SPOILER review): 29:32 – 1:04:13
  • DVD picks: 1:04:15 – 1:11:46
  • TADFF/Closing stuff: 1:11:47 – 1:15:47
  • Outro music: 1:13:32 – 1:16:49

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Funky Forest
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Tell No One
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Body of Lies
– – RowThree review: Jonathan
– – RowThree TIFF review: John A.


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The New World (Extended Cut) (IMDb)
Andrew’s review
Kurt’s review


Mongol (IMDb)
Andrew’s review

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Without giving too much away in this comment section I would say the problem with Blindness is that there were two conflicting expectations for how the story should end, the post-apocalyptic (quite literal expectation) and the allegorical, and it all depends on where your allegiences lie with these expectations whether or not you like the ending.

I am very much in the allegorical camp. I fear Meirelles made too much of a compromise in this third incarnation of the film and as a result it is half-hearted in both directions.

the allegorical interpretation I offered in the extended thoughts post on Blindness would also do much to explain the motivations for Julianne Moore's character as she gives in to the tormenters.


Very interesting take Michael, I think you are onto something there. I'd love to see the cut you saw, perhaps a DVD extra (multiple version in set) due to box office bombing of BLINDNESS? Hopefully.


It also bears mentioning that Jose Padilha's Elite Squad (…) comes out on DVD if you are in Canada.

It's a real shame this didn't get any sort of theatrical push, as it would be a pretty intense experience on the big screen. But order a copy (Oct. 28th for you Americans) and 'enjoy' the brutal social document, political statement, and action melodrama of the film. It's a winner.


bout time.

In the last week I spent my time with the HBO "John Adams" miniseries starring Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney, David Morse, Rufus Sewell, Sarah Polley, and others. It was amazing, and ultimately devastating. The performances are fantastic and only get better over time. Great makeup and production job. A must see.

Marina Antunes

I spent most of the weekend catching up on my zip offerings (which have been sitting on the coffee table since a week before VIFF) and a couple of new rentals. Nothing stands out much – outside the crappyness of Pathology, Edison Force and The Promotion (which was more mediocre than crappy) and the greatness of Up the Yangtze.

Only TV on my radar is True Blood. I have 3 episodes to catch up on.

And now that I've discovered a Hulu workaround, I may be squeezing in a little more TV watching.


the overseas episode is the least interesting, which i think is 3 or 4… but you haven't even gotten to the really great stuff yet. once he returns from Europe the show goes completely top notch, it becomes obvious they shot in sequence and everyone is pretty firmly entrenched into their characters. I strongly urge finishing watching.


The Promotion was so uninteresting. I don't get why John C. Reilly picks movies like this to do. Although, I am fine with him doing zany comedies if he pumps more like Walk Hard out.

Marina Antunes

Great show guys. And great call on The New World extended cut. I'll have to make the trek into HMV at some point this week to pick that up.

As for Kingdom of Heaven – I've seen both versions and swear by the extended cut which is much, much better than the theatrical cut. I rarely find Scott's director's cuts that much better but this one is a huge improvement. Well worth checking out and, rather surprisingly, Bloom isn't bad. Plus, thought he's the lead, the film is well balanced between the various characters.


I didn't even know of the extended cut of New World, bought it after I heard about it. That has to be the least evocative cover for it though, it looks like a Disney production.

and why is there no Malick blu-ray? My god, that is your showpiece right there, just keep it on a loop.

Shannon the Movie Mo

Great show! I loved listening to the chat about Blindness, I'm glad I had seen the film already! It really is a spoiler or nothing talk.

All revved up for Toronto After Dark here, can't wait to hear your guys thoughts!

John Allison

Blindness for me was really good although I disliked the ending in that it felt too happy when compared to the rest of the dark nasty parts. I believe only one person left the theatre although after talking to a co-worker yesterday morning I found out that he left the theatre also during his showing.

Shannon the Movie Mo

I'll see ya there Andrew! I bet I'll be able to find ya! hehe! I'm usually sitting preety close to get nice pictures.

re: John… a part of Blindness that was too happy? Whoa! I was close to walking out of the film at one part as well, I had no idea it would be that dark.