Calm Before the Storm

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The VIFF countdown has begun. In less than two days I’ll be heading into the two busiest weeks of my year. I’ve already made a few recommendations on what to watch, shared my calendar and tried to catch up on sleep (something which I’ll be hard pressed to get any of over the next 14 days).

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic festival – one full of great new experiences and opportunities. Aside from regular written coverage here at Row Three, we’ll also be bringing a variety of audio and video posts to keep our fabulous readers afloat on all the happenings and hopefully, be able to provide some recommendations to our local readers trying to figure out what to watch.

Some of our readers are already aware of this but for those of you who may not know, a few of us Row Three writers are also knocking about on Twitter. I’ll be Twittering my way through VIFF while Kurt posts the occasional fabulous tidbit. Come and join us!

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