Bedtime Stories

So for the past few years, Adam Sandler has been the definition of hit and miss. Anything he does that’s comedic sets the standard for awful (Chuck and Larry, Longest Yard, Mr. Deeds). On the other hand, his dramatic roles are quite good (Spanglish, Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me).

So imagine my surprise when I hit “play” on the following tailer and found myself smiling almost the whole way through it. It starts with what looks like typical Sandler crap (ala Big Daddy – which to be fair had its moments), but suddenly turns into something a little more fun. I think we’ve seen the story where what we see in print comes true. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen it in quite this way: a kids makes up the story and everything happens to Sandler.

Sure it might be Disney tripe, but just judging from this here trailer, I think it has potential to be something worth checking out. It’s likely no Enchanted, but maybe something along those lines.