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    As they say: ask and you shall receive. I’ve had a few requests from local readers for a peek at my VIFF calendar so for those in town who are curious about where Marina will be and when, here you are. If you’re looking to meet up between screenings or are seeing the same film, leave a note in the comments section!


  1. Kurt Halfyard says:

    I'm certainly curious to hear your toughts on O'Horton, Let The Right One In (you being the young-vampire expert these days!), Tokyo!, Sparrow and Three Monkeys.

    You have an absolutely fabulous festival line up on the go there.

  2. Marina Antunes says:

    I'm really thrilled with how my line-up turned out. I'm not seeing as many small films as I'd like but you can't have everything. One I'm happy I didn't schedule was Plastic City. It sounded interesting but John didn't sound too keen on it during the Cinecast. I may have avoided disaster with that one!

  3. rot says:

    and I want to hear about Three Monkeys, Wendy and Lucy and Happy-Go-Lucky. You know considering the quality films you are getting, and considering I have always wanted to visit Vancouver, and considering the end of September is a hell of lot better time-wise then the first week of school, and considering how cheap the tickets are, I could be seriously tempted to skip TIFF and catch VIFF next year.

  4. Kurt Halfyard says:

    VIFF is probably cheaper than TIFF (including the flight!), especially if you have someone to stay with down there. I've certainly considered it a few times.

  5. Marina Antunes says:

    Have couch. Will put up guest.

  6. Colleeny says:

    No weird lottery system for tickets either.

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