Cinecast Episode 98 – And Now for Something Completely TIFFerent


Episode 98:
Fellow contributor and all-around badass, John Allison turns out to help discuss The Toronto International Film Festival in quite some detail. The Coens are back with Burn After Reading. Andrew & John made a boatload of DVD purchases this week.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #98

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:20
  • Opening B.S.: :30 – 4:33
  • TIFF: 4:34 – 1:45:49
  • Burn After Reading: 1:45:50 – 2:03:00
  • State of films this week/month: 27:08 – 29:07
  • Lil’ more TIFF: 2:03:01 – 2:06:36
  • DVD picks: 2:06:37 – 2:16:04
  • HBO/TV: 2:16:05 – 2:20:01
  • Even more TIFF/Closing: 2:20:02 – 2:31:46
  • Outro music: 2:29:25 – 2:33:23

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“Grounds for Divorce”
Interference (Once OST)

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Toronto International Film Festival:

Some Appaloosa talk

John’s Five Worth Noting:

John’s Worst TIFF Film: Eden Log

Kurt’s Five Worth Noting:

Kurt’s Worst TIFF Film: Plastic City

Tears for Sale – Serbian digital backlot CGI fantasy film with loads of warmth, tragedy, and sexuality.
Synecdoche, NY (pronounced si-nek’-do-kee and defined here, so don’t ask!.)
The Miracle at St. Anna – Spike Lee’s WWII war film earns its 2h40m+ run time.
Che – 4.25 hours of Soderbergh, Benicio Del Toro and La Revolution!
Public Enemy #1 (part 1)
Zift – Bulgarian noir-political-artfilm
Krabat – German fairy tale with Satanists.
Waltz with Bashir – Animated Doc on War and the atrocities of men
Not Quite Hollywood – Ozsploitation documentary.
Tony Manero – Chilean dark character study.
Sauna – Finnish Edgar Allen Poe themed Period Piece
VinyanWho Can Kill A Child remake (sort of) from France
Blindness – Don’t believe the Cannes press, this movie is fabulous.

Burn After Reading:
IMDb profile
Andrew’s review

DVD Picks for Tuesday, September 16th:

Blood Simple
Blood Simple (SE) (IMDb)

Snow Angels
Snow Angels (IMDb)

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Rusty James

I'll be glad when this TIFF crap is over. We used to have great debates on here. Now it's just you guys talking at us about a bunch of flicks we've never seen (and in many cases we'll never even have the chance) so I guess we just have to take your word for it.

I know it's exciting to cover the festival and all, and I'm glad y'all are having a good time. But I cant wait to get back to what we do best; telling each other we're wrong.


TIFF is a black hole that swallows everything up, but I do enjoy hearing about films that may be coming to a theater near me sometime. I do want to hear Marina's take on a couple of films I missed at TIFF.

Shannon the Movie Mo

I have to disagree with Rusty & Rot – I loved listening to the podcast. But then again I was at TIFF so I know what the heck y'all are talking about!

John – I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Eden Log. I actually quite enjoyed it.

Retrospectively I'm wishing I made it out to The Wrestler. I wonder if it will be in regular release.

I can't wait to hear you guys talk about Toronto After Dark! The line up so far looks like a lot of fun!


I agree Shannon, but I do get Rusty's gripe also that there are a lot of people out there who are never going to have a chance to see some of the more esoteric stuff at the festivals… and so one can only enjoy these rehashes vicariously.

The Wrestler will definitely becoming out in regular release, Mickey Rourke has Oscar written all over him.

Shannon the Movie Mo

Mickey Rourke, Oscar? How I have to see it 😉

It's true that a lot of people won't be able see the films, but hey isn't that one reason to listen to podcast – to hear about new films? I flip on both sides of that question actually sometimes I only want to hear about films I've seen and then others it's interesting to hear what else is out there. But TIFF only happens once a year! Although I still have 4 more days of films to write about… eep.


A lot of this stuff will be available for the inquisitive and proactive listener. Yesasia (Korea, Japan, China, HK, Thailand), DvdGo (Spain), Numero7 (Hungary), (Russian), Amazon.Fr/.De/.Jp/.UK (France/Germany/Japan/Britian), etc should have copies of these eventually. Nothing wrong with a heads up. But I do understand how darn lengthy things were. John & I wanted to get a lot of it out of our system for sure.

Marina Antunes

A few thoughts:

Thrilled to hear that Pontypool is AWESOME. Look forward to seeing down one next year as I'm sure it'll open (at the very least via the FWC) across Canada – sorry John, I'm guessing Saskatoon will be forgotten once again.

A little disappointed to hear that Eden Log isn't great but Shannon's comment suggests that maybe I can find something to like in there – it's one I've been looking forward to for a while.

Also very disappointed to hear that Passchendaele isn't as good as it looked. I saw a new trailer yesterday which I thought was too long and overwrought with the love story but I'm still curious. It's the Paul Gross effect. Overall, it sounds like it was a great festival!

And Kurt, thanks for the list of sites for getting our foreign fix. I new of a few but a few others are new to me!


who doesn't like hearing about movies at TIFF? i have never even gone and it is one of my favorites times of the year. like Christmas. with movies.


I indicated on this weeks cinecast that "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" has been sitting on the shelf for a bit, and misguidedly supposed that it may have been there for a while. It has not quite been that long though, the real issues is that Warner Independant Pictures, who had the rights folded earlier this year, and Time/Warner (as in Warner Brothers) had to take on a lot of NewLine projects (Newline also folded earlier this year). So Slumdog was left out in the cold (so to speak), until Fox Searchlight picked it up. Now it is super-buzzed with its back to back success at Telluride and Toronto, so it looks like Fox Searchlight will probably come out the big winner.

Full story here:


Btw, the Slumdog Millionaire is coming out limited on Nov 28th.

Rusty James

Don't misunderstand me, I like to get the heads up on the movies coming out but there's no point in listening to reviews of films you havent seen.

And stop mentioning Mickey and the oscar shows in the same sentence.

1) Mickey Rourke is much cooler than any actor who has won an award show in the past 10 years.

2) If the oscar show would like to vindicate it's sub par taste in film by doing something cool like giving an award to Mickey Rourke I think that's great (reaaaaally reaaaally great. seriously, I think it's just great). But don't count on it because they don't have the balls to do anything that cool.

In fact I'm gonna call it right now. They'll honor him with the prestigious Johnny Greenwood we just made up some arbitrary rule to disquallify you award. Just to make sure that no trouble makers try to vote for him.

Anyways I'm sure Paul Giamatti or someone is playing a retard this year so they can give it to him.


"Mickey Rourke is much cooler than any actor who has won an award show in the past 10 years."

Daniel Day-Lewis

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Adrien Brody

Denzel Washington

Russell Crowe

Kevin Spacey

Javier Bardem

George Clooney

Tim Robbins

Chris Cooper

Benicio del Toro

Michael Caine


John Allison

"Don’t misunderstand me, I like to get the heads up on the movies coming out but there’s no point in listening to reviews of films you havent seen."

I disagree with this one. I think we kept all of our reviews spoiler free and hopefully you will get a chance to catch one or two of these movies in the future.

I know that I have seen a bunch of cool movies that I would never had if I hadn't been listening Kurt & Andrew or any of the other podcasts that I listen to.

Marina Antunes

A few comments on HBO shows:

Andrew – Your hmm haaaa about Six Feet Under distresses me a little. That show is GOLD with very few episodes in there that hover around mediocrity. It's a bit late now, considering how many seasons there are but it's one I highly recommend.

Carnivale – Tried to get into this one but lost interest a few episodes in. It was a bit too strange for me though I'll admit that it looked fantastic.

Deadwood – Still waiting for the DVDs to drop in price. Costco has them and when they hit $20, I'll be stocking up.

Rome – Loved the first 2 episodes but lost interest shortly after that.

True Blood – Watched the first two episodes and so far I'm intrigued but not completely sold. I'm not buying the relationship between the leads but it shows promise. The Louisiana setting adds an interesting layer to the story which I wasn't expecting. I actually put together a post on my personal blog about the show this morning.

As for Lost and BSG – I've never seen Lost but I was big on the BSG bandwagon for the first season but lost interest in the second mostly because it was on at a bad time. Haven't gone back to re-visit it.

Lately I've been watching a lot of TV including catching up with CBS' now canceled "Moonlight" and the UK's "Ultraviolet". Looking to catch up on Dexter soon (Colleen's going to support my habit) and Big Love (which I haven't seen since the end of season 1).

John Allison

Ultraviolet is a pretty good series. I love how they twist the Vampire genre around a bit and don't ever actually use the V word.

Rusty James

@ "I think we kept all of our reviews spoiler free and hopefully you will get a chance to catch one or two of these movies in the future."

Who cares if they're spoiler? If I haven't seen the film how can I tell you you're wrong?

And for the record, I'm completely against spoiler free reviews. How can you talk about the film if you're tip toeing around everything?

Rusty James


I'm sorry; Kevin Spacy? Adriane Brody? Clearly I spoke too soon and have made a fool of myself. I can't believe I was sooo quick to dismiss Rusty Crowe's ground breaking Oscar(tm) winning turning as retard variation #34 in My Beautiful Head. Amirite.

And Danny Boy Lewis's performance has got to be the most over praised thing ever.

Rusty James

True Blood has a very twin peaks vibe so far (not comparing it in quality). I dig it.

John Allison

@Rusty – I can understand not wanting to hear about movies that you will never be able to see but if us talking about something helps you to find some little gem that you wouldn't have heard about otherwise isn't that a good thing?

I personally like reading and listening to movie discussion about movies I haven't seen simply because it does get me to watch them.


Like you need more films to own John 🙂


I do like what the guys at /film do with spoilers… they talk in generalities for the beginning of the review and then say they are entering a spoiler zone which you can skip. I guess that only works if you are reviewing one film.


Elbow, you used Elbow!

I <3 Elbow.

Matt Gamble

Only douchebags review movies no one else has seen.

Just sayin.


Haven't had time for the show yet, but i'm pretty sure the outro music listed is actually by a band called Interference, and just appears on the "Once" soundtrack, not by Irglova/Hansard themselves. "Gold" is the song that is played at the musicians party I believe.

I'm going to see Hansard/Irglova in Toronto tonight, btw. Can't wait.


not a big Tegan and Sara fan, but love the 'walking with a ghost' remix that was made by PartyBen

check it here:


back from Hansard/Irglova. It was good. I can't be the best judge, because they played a lot more songs than from the movie, some I knew, some I didn't, and a number of new songs. You know the opening song from "Once" – he played it without amplification at the front of the stage just playing to the rafters, it was pretty stunning. But overall there was a bit of Serious Artist Syndrome going on, you know, where they overdo telling what the songs are about and what they mean, diatribes about forgiveness and retribution and artisty things that if you didn't have an Irish brogue would maybe make you look like a douchebag…


Kurt Halfyard

I'm sad and sorry that I missed that show. Sounds like a good one nonetheless, and that soundtrack (as evidenced by the closing track of this cinecast) is still in my player…


Just wanted to throw my two cents in about HBO'S True Blood.

I totally agree,it does have a Twin Peaks vibe to it. So far Im very intrigued! Have a feeling, the slow burn of the first two episodes that have aired so far will turn into something much more dymamic going foward. I will continue to watch!


Well ratings for Trueblood have been good enough that HBO has greenlit the series for season 2! I'm looking forward to delving into it.