Denzel Washington Joins Epic Sci-Fi

Denzel WashingtonNeed a little bit of happy news to make up for the lack of interesting developments coming out of Hollywood the past few weeks? Have I got a doozey for you!

Remember The Hughes Brothers? Let me refresh your memory (though I seem to recall a discussion about one of their most recent films). They directed Menace II Society, Dead Presidents and From Hell. The duo has been busy producing TV and an upcoming project but according to The Hollywood Reporter, they’ll be returning behind the camera for a post-apocalyptic drama (the best kind) called The Book of Eli about a “lone warrior” in the near-future American wasteland fighting “to bring society the knowledge that is key to its redemption.”

Aside from this sounding mighty interesting to begin with there is also news that Denzel Washington has been cast in the lead and it will be his job to deliver this “key to redemption.” Thinking back to how great From Hell looked, I can’t wait to see what The Hughes Brothers and their set designers come up with for the look of the film. If nothing else, it’s going to look fabulous but to boot, the dynamic due are pretty talented behind the camera. To sweeten the deal, Washington is no slouch.

Definitely something to look forward to.

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Quiet Earth

Wait for it.. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. "AW HELL NO!" Zing! And Denzel is back doing the same role he always does.