Vincenzo Natali’s Elevated is Online

Canadian director Vincezo Natali is a favourite around my house. I caught on to the talented director with 1997’s Cube and I haven’t looked back since. From that paranoid sci-fi thriller to the paranoid sci-fi comedy Nothing, Natali has yet to fully disappoint (though I’ll admit I was rather unsatisfied with Cypher).

Around here, we’re a little excited about his upcoming film Splice which features Sarah Polley, Adrien Brody and Natali regular David Hewlett. But while we eagerly anticipate the release of that sure to be masterpiece, what better way to kill some time than with a old school Natali?

The boys of Quiet Earth have tracked down Natali’s first film, a short titled Elevated starring Vickie Papavs, Bruce McFee and, you guessed it, Hewlett (all of whom returned for Cypher). The short thriller showcases many of Natali’s strengths, particularly his effective use of small spaces and dedication to the actors who never fail to deliver.

Elevated Part 1

Part 2 is under the seat!

Elevated Part 2